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DEC 2014

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12.14 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 95 sequestration, Pamela C. Smith, CGCS, February, p. 38. Water-conscious and responsible, Mark Johnson, March, p. 38. Lighting retrofts: Fixing a 'fxed' cost, Pamela C. Smith, CGCS, April, p. 38. Party like a green star, Bunny Smith, May, p. 38. Preserving what you protect, Pamela C. Smith, CGCS, June, p. 38. Clean and green, Bunny Smith, July, p. 38. Winning the mosquito war with Bt, Pamela C. Smith, CGCS, August, p. 38. Next-level maintenance, Bunny Smith, September, p. 38. OSHA: Chemical exposure standards 'out of date,' November, p. 36. Know your (water) rights, Pamela C. Smith, CGCS, December, p. 38. Shop Retroft EFI: is it worth consideration? Scott R. Nesbitt, January, p. 34. Practice, patience needed for plastic welding, Scott R. Nesbitt, February, p. 34. Shop chemicals for the modern plastic world, Scott R. Nesbitt, March, p. 34. Replacing orphan engines: Part I, Scott R. Nesbitt, April, p. 34. Replacing orphan engines: Part II, Scott R. Nesbitt, May, p. 34. Replacing orphan engines: Part III, Scott R. Nesbitt, June, p. 34. This and that in the shop, Scott R. Nesbitt, July, p. 34. Chain grinder: an essential tool, Scott R. Nesbitt, August, p. 34. A place to call home, Scott Hollister, September, p. 34. Avoiding damage when chain grinding, Scott R. Nesbitt, October, p. 34. Taking the heat out of chain grinding, Scott R. Nesbitt, November, p. 32. The mechanics of easy cutting, Scott R. Nesbitt, December, p. 34. Technology Effcient technology, Bob Vaughey, CGCS, February, p. 40. When a tweet is worth 1,000 words, Bob Vaughey, CGCS, April, p. 40. Drones: Coming to a golf course near you? Bob Vaughey, CGCS, June, p. 40. Irrigation access on the go, Bob Vaughey, CGCS, August, p. 40. Taking the technology plunge, Bob Vaughey, CGCS, October, p. 40. Plugging in your clubhouse irrigation, Bob Vaughey, December, p. 40. Turf Breaking the language barrier, Teresa Carson, January, p. 32. Not so pretty in pink, Teresa Carson, February, p. 32. Every breath you take, Teresa Carson, March, p. 32. The more, the merrier, Joshua Friell, April, p. 32. Turfgrass testing, Kevin Morris, May, p. 32. Chill out: Vegetation reduces the urban heat island effect, Madeline Leslie, June, p. 32. Roundup Ready returns to turf, Garett Heineck, July, p. 32. Endophytes: The friendly fungi, Garett Heineck, August, p. 32.

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