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APR 2015

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SILVER PARTNERS SILVER PARTNER Partner Recognition Program Baroness is the leader in producing the fnest mowing equipment in the world. This 105 year old company is world renowned for its amazingly precise cut and longest lasting reels and bed knifes. Baroness's equipment provides golf superintendents the ability to attain superior cut and performance, while achieving tremendous savings in maintenance and operational expenses. The lineup now includes LM18G, LM56G & LM66T walking greens mowers, LM315 triplex mower, SP05 bunker rake, LM2400 & LM2700 fairway mowers, LM285 rough mower, GM 1700 slope mower, TDA 1600 aerator, GR 65 greens roller and GM281 approach mower. With much more to come, Baroness's equipment is defnitely one to seek a demonstration or contact us for a complete list of Baroness's customers in your area. Intelligent Growth from the Ground Up The CIVITAS TM team is proud to now operate under Intelligro TM , which includes the professional turf, lawncare and agriculture markets. This change brings greater focus to the resources, research and product development that contribute to the success of brands like CIVITAS. The overarching goal is to enable customers to do more with less by harnessing unique technologies to achieve superior results with fewer resources. CIVITAS is committed to the Intelligro mission of challenging traditional thinking when it comes to plant protection. As a dedicated supporter of the future of America's golf course industry, the CIVITAS team will continue to deliver on the promise of superior turf performance while striving to create resourceful growth. Healthier turf is stronger turf Since its market debut six years ago, CIVITAS has been well known for its effcacy in controlling disease and suppressing insects while cultivating noticeably healthier turf that enhances visual aesthetics and playability. By focusing frst and foremost on the health of the plant, CIVITAS enhances plant effciencies, which can lead to a reduction in inputs such as other pesticides. Studies have shown that CIVITAS products can also help extend disease control of tank mix partners. With no known pathogen or insect resistance issues, CIVITAS products can be used consistently throughout the growing season without worrying about maximum yearly application restrictions. To learn more about the CIVITAS and Intelligro advantage, visit and ™Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. Used under license. Intelligro, a Suncor business. Koch Turf & Ornamental (Koch) is a global leader in enhanced effciency fertilizer (EEF) products. Our EFF's provide effcient plant nutrient technologies that prevent nitrogen loss through volatilization, denitrifcation and leaching. The Koch turf and ornamental portfolio spans three EFF technologies – controlled release, slow release and stabilized nitrogen – providing nutrient solutions for every area of the course. From tee to green and everywhere in between we protect your nitrogen investment, saving you time and money. POLYON® Controlled-Release Fertilizer, with its reactive layers coating, provides predictable nitrogen release over an extended period for high-quality turf with fewer applications. Top golf course superintendents have relied on its controlled-release technology for years. DURATION CR® Controlled-Release Fertilizer delivers consistent nitrogen release making it easy to grow healthy turf while reducing maintenance costs at the same time. Precise feeding that lasts for weeks, months or an entire season is available with just one application. There's a reason superintendents all over the world turn to UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen for healthy, green and beautiful golf courses. UMAXX® fertilizer has a unique mode of action that provides predictable and quick green-up, yielding a dark green color for up to twelve weeks. This completely soluble fertilizer can be sprayed or spread to meet your changing needs. NUTRALENE® Slow-Release Nitrogen is trusted by countless turfgrass professionals for dependable nutrition for up to 16 weeks. Consistent long-term release provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for high quality performance, in a range of particle sizes. For additional information please visit or e-mail

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