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NOV 2016

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• Plots were unrolled • Rolled 3 times/week • Rolled 4 times/week (Double roll 2 days) • Rolled 6 times/week (Double roll 3 days) Initial Results: Increased rolling frequency reduced dollar spot (40-60% in 2015). Clipping yields were reduced and positively correlated with increased rolling frequency. Different fungicide spray schedules were also tested (Threshold vs Calendar at 21 days interval) and initial results indicate rolling can reduce fungicide applications if threshold- based spray programs are used. This should be a major cost reduction if second-year test plots confirm this. We also observed less thatch depth where rolling was performed, again, directly correlated to frequency but wasn't quantified at this time. Soil penetrometer tests confirmed that rolled plots had higher resistance to penetration. We presume ball roll will be increased, however further studies are needed to evaluate these affects. Additional studies will be performed this year. Geunhwa Jung and Jay Popko Stockbridge School of Agriculture For years, rolling was just for greens. Today you could be in for a big surprise. Preliminary testing shows that rolling fairways sup- presses dollar spot, reduces time spent cutting which in turn reduces wear and tear on machinery and cuts labor costs. Our 3 gang Ultra 10 Fairway Roller has a 10 ' swath to provide 12 acres an hour of productivity at 10 mph – twice as fast as mowing! The new 5 gang Ultra 15 Fairway Roller has a balanced hydraulic system to keep ground pressure even over its 15 ' swath. At 10 mph, the Ultra 15 will roll 18 acres an hour – three times as fast as mowing! Both are tow-behind units. The Ultra 15 has a 200-gallon water ballast tank while the Ultra 10 uses a 100-gallon tank. " Preliminary tests indicate increased rolling frequency reduces dollar spot. " –University of Massachusetts, Stockbridge School of Agriculture NEW SMITHCO ULTRA 10 AND ULTRA 15 FAIRWAY ROLLERS WITH MONEY-SAVING TOW-BEHIND DESIGN TEST SUMMARY TO DATE Ultra 10 Fairway Roller More rollers with more features than anyone.

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