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JUL 2018

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82 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 07.18 Southeast Ron Wright According to Google Maps, it's 640 miles from Boynton Beach, Fla., to Milton, Ga. In normal traffic, that equates to about a nine-hour drive — pretty straightforward for a day's journey on the highways of the Southeast. That's not what this is about, though. This is about two young people trying to find their way in the golf industry in the early '80s. One of the duties of a GCSAA field staff representative is to reach out to members for a variety of reasons. Many times, we reach out to people we know well, but there are plenty of members in the Southeast I haven't met. After all, there are probably close to 4,000 members in my region. Occa - sionally, I contact a member whose name seems to ring a bell, but I'm not sure whether they're the person I think they might be. Let's face it: We work in a fairly small universe. And I was reminded of that small universe recently when I sent out an email to one of those familiar names. My email went to Don Lanning, equipment manager at Capi - tol City Club, Crabapple in the Atlanta area. The last sen- tence in my email asked whether he was the same Don Lan- ning I worked with in 1983. I had worked with not one, but two Don Lannings at Quail Ridge Country Club in Boynton Beach, Fla., early in my career. They were father and son. The elder Don was the equipment manager at the course, and his son, known then as Donnie, had moved down from Ohio to work with his father and find a career for himself. I had the opportunity to help out with some repairs from time to time, and I got to know both Dons pretty well. I hit the send button and went on to the next member contact. About 20 minutes later, I got a reply from Don, and, yes, he was the Donnie I had worked with 35 years earlier. He even attached an image of us standing next to a Jacobsen HF-15 gang mower we were working on. Our careers had taken many twists and turns in 35 years, and we had lost track of each other over time. Now, here he is working at a club in my region. I promised to visit the next time I was in Atlanta. It was about a month later that I pulled into the shop area at Crabapple, north of downtown Atlanta, and there was Don waiting to greet me. We look different, but we are very much the same people. The shop area was neat and well organized, just like at Quail Ridge. We talked about how we've gotten to this point in our careers and reflected on many of the events and people we've experienced along the way. I could see many of his father's characteristics in him, and it was great to see he was happy with the way his career has played out. We went over to the same toolbox he had all those years ago and looked at a pack of photos from Quail Ridge. It was easy to remember the names and faces — and even the equipment — from back then. I look forward to visiting Don again in the future, and I hope that you all get the chance to reunite with someone from your past. We truly do live in a small world. For the latest updates from all of GCSAA's field staff representatives, go to community/regions. Don Lanning, equipment manager at Capital City Club, Crabapple in Atlanta, reunited with GCSAA Southeast field staff representative Ron Wright. Photo courtesy of Ron Wright (in the field) MEMBERS ONLY Sept. 10 — Georgia GCSA Bermudagrass Forum, The Landings Club-Deer Creek, Savannah Website: Sept. 11 — Iowa GCSA Field & Demo Day, Iowa State Horticulture Research Farm, Ames Website: Sept. 17 — Wisconsin GCSA Wee One Foundation Fundraiser, Pine Hills Country Club, Sheboygan Website: To find out whether you can receive education points for any of these upcom- ing programs, go to the external education listings in the Education section of www. We want to know about your event in advance. To submit an entry for "Coming Up," please send your information five to six months before you'd like to see it in the magazine. We run event information for three months. Send a contact name if all details are not final. Contact GCM, At- tention: Coming Up, 1421 Research Park Drive, Lawrence, KS 66049; call 785-832- 3638; or email ON THE MOVE ARIZONA Paul C. Hallock , formerly (A) at Stoatin Brae Golf Club, is now (A) at SaddleBrooke TWO in Tucson. CALIFORNIA David H. Boughter, formerly (B) at Tony Butler Golf Course, is now (B) at Sum- mitpointe Golf Club in Milpitas. Scot M. Dey, formerly (A) at Mission Viejo Country Club, is now (A) at The Newport Beach Country Club in Newport Beach. Phillip B. Hoban, formerly (A) at The Golf Club at Gray's Crossing, is now (A) at Lahontan Golf Club in Truckee. Steven C. Hoying, formerly (C) at Silver Creek Valley Country Club, is now (B) at Palo Alto Golf Course in Palo Alto. Steven R. Kimbrough Jr., CGCS, formerly (A) at Woodcreek Golf Club, is now (A) at Timber Creek Golf Course at Sun City Roseville in Roseville.

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