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JUL 2018

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38 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 07.18 I recently had the opportunity to hear Tim Barrier, CGCS, speak about his "10 com- mandments of Poa greens management." A seasoned superintendent and 28-year GCSAA member, Tim has spent 25 years at Rancho Santa Fe (Calif.) Golf Club, and he has studied with the best, immersed himself in data, tried everything in the book, and, after years of ex - perience, dialed in on what he thinks are the best of the best practices, which he has deemed his 10 commandments. It was a superb presentation, as I'm sure anyone who has heard it would agree. is got me thinking. I've worked with many great superintendents over the years in my role as a regional agronomist for American Golf, and if I picked their brains, I was sure we could come up with the 10 commandments of the effective and successful golf course super - intendent. (I wouldn't even have to do anything!) e guidance would be helpful to our peers, particularly newcomers to the profession. So I reached out to about 20 superintendents and asked them to share their own best tips for thriving in our line of work. Here are their top responses, along with insight on how to better put the principles into practice in your career. 1. Communicate well Although it's almost a cliché, we'll begin with communication, because it was the only com- mandment mentioned by every superintendent. All of us know how vital communication is, but that doesn't make it any easier to master. Learning to listen is probably the No. 1 improvement people can make to their communi - cation skills. If you're not a good listener, understanding what's being communicated to you is going to prove quite difficult. I've found that it helps to practice listening — pay close attention, ask questions, and rephrase what is said to you to help it sink in. Don't assume you understand

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