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JUN 2018

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76 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 06.18 dates, ordering pizza for the team or accessing a calendar, Syngenta says. The four products are Secure fungicide, Divanem nematicide, Briskway fungicide and Primo Maxx plant growth regulator, as well as select multipack configura- tions of these products. Participants that qualified for the 2018 GreenTrust 365 Program last fall will continue to earn their yearlong rebate on purchases of qualifying products, including this seasonal program, through Sept. 30. For more information about the in-season program offer, including full terms and conditions, visit www. Willowood USA launched its RightLine products for the turf industry. The product line includes what the company calls "the industry's first post-patent abamectin-based nematicide," Nemamectin 0.7 SC. RightLine herbicides are made to help manage and protect against unruly weeds and undesirable plants, and the fungicides stop fungal diseases and prevent future infec- tions, while the insecticide line fights a variety of pests, the company says. Visit RightLine, Little Giant Aeration System from Frank- lin Electric Co. comes in 0.5-hp and 1-hp models designed to improve the beauty and biological health of larger bodies of water. The multifunctional 1-hp model moves up to 800 gpm to aerate up to 1 acre of water. It features a 150-foot cord for added placement flexibility. The Little Giant Aeration System comes as an all-in-one package that includes the float, aerator, and Franklin Elec- tric submersible motor to keep water clean. The system requires 115 volts for the 0.5-hp unit or 230 volts for the 1-hp unit and a minimum depth of 18 inches of water to operate. The aeration system can be used for decorative bodies of water, water agitation, ice prevention and mixing. The Little Giant Aeration System can quickly transform into an attractive fountain display. With the installation of your selected fountain nozzle, the system provides five spray- ing patterns: Sonata, Cantata, Concerto, Staccato and Crescendo — with average spray heights from 8 to 15 feet and average spray widths from 14 to 30 feet. During aeration, the spray pattern encompasses the unit by ap- proximately 4 to 8 feet on either side. It transfers oxygen into the body of water, improving its overall health and providing a beautiful visual effect for the landscape and everything around it. In addition, the surface tension of the water is broken, creating wave action to minimize surface insects and debris. Visit Little Giant, Syngenta launched its seasonal program "Strengthen Your Turf & Your Purchas- ing Power" to help superintendents manage sea- sonal stress. The program runs through July 31 and gives superintendents the opportunity to earn an Amazon Echo Spot device by making a minimum purchase of $2,500 of at least one of four products. The Echo Spot can be used on the course for checking weather or news, pest up- (product news) Rotary SCISSOR The Power Rotary Scissor (PRS-9.5) attach- ment from Seago International quickly con- verts any make or model of string trimmer and/or brush cutter into a cutting tool, the company says. The counter-rotating heads cut bunker edges quickly and cleanly, trim along fences, and allow edging along cart paths, landscape beds or near parking lots without throwing stones. Standard blade diameter is 9.5 inches, and an optional 11-inch diameter blade is available. Visit Seago International, Little Giant Aeration System

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