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68 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 05.18 reported spraying a combination of iprodione and Prostar, which rapidly knocked out the disease. If curative applications are warranted, do not water in the products, as the fungus harbors itself in the foliage. Other fungicides may be effective too, but we have not carried out a curative trial on this disease. Preventive applications work extremely well against cream leaf blight (Figure 3). We have gathered this data mainly in our spring dead spot trials. Typically, we make these applica - tions in fall when soil temperatures decline to 70 F (21 C), and we make a follow-up appli - cation 28 days later. e past three falls, we have not reached these soil temperatures until mid- to late October. In our trials, all applica - tions are irrigated immediately with 0.125 inch (3.2 mm) of water. Applications of Velista (pen - thiopyrad, Syngenta); Lexicon (fluxapyroxad, BASF); Enclave (chlorothalonil, iprodione, thiophanate-methyl, tebuconazole; Quali-Pro); Briskway (azoxystrobin, difenoconazole; Syn - genta); Headway (azoxystrobin, propiconazole; Syngenta); Strobe (azoxystrobin, Quali-Pro) + propiconazole; Fame T (fluoxastrobin, tebu - conazole; FMC Corp.); and Torque (tebucon- azole, Cleary Chemicals) all suppressed cream leaf blight when it developed in January and February in the non-treated controls. Tebuco - nazole and other demethylation inhibitors have not provided consistent control in our trials, however. In one trial, tebuconazole suppressed cream leaf blight, but in an adjacent trial, it did not control the disease (2). Preventive fungicide applications Figure 3. Preventive applications of fungicides in the fall typically work extremely well against cream leaf blight.

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