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MAY 2018

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52 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 05.18 Jorge Croda, CGCS AT THE TURN (career) A ripple effect: The superintendent sets the workplace culture and can instill enthusiasm in team members, positively affecting the quality of their work, the golf facility and, ultimately, the customer experience. Photos courtesy of Jorge Croda Fuel your passion Passion, when properly wielded, can help superintendents overcome obstacles, inspire their team, and turn out a top-notch golf course. e United States is home to more golf courses than any other country, and such competi- tion means superintendents must be mindful of building and keeping relationships with golfers by providing a unique, high-quality, memorable playing experience. How do we achieve this? Much goes into it, and day-to-day tasks such as mowing and managing turf treatments are just a drop in the bucket of what superintendents do and what's required for success. One component of success that's sometimes overlooked is passion — having a passion for what we do, and know - ing how to turn that passion into tangible results. Gandhi once said, "e difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems." Passion is what pushes us over the threshold from what we do because we have to and what we do because we want to. Passion can mean different things to different people. To me, golf is more than a game — it's a passion and a lifestyle. Not a lifestyle in the sense of money, cars and extrinsic things, but a lifestyle in the sense of what I gain from applying the principles of the game and of maintaining its surfaces to other aspects of my life. Using my passion by approaching everything through the tenets of the game of golf — be respectful, follow the rules, consider the options, make the best choice for the situation, and have fun — has opened up a completely new world in terms of Author Jorge Croda, CGCS, discusses how respecting and understanding cultural differences among members of your crew can foster increased productivity and better relationships: .

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