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DEC 2012

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New loaders coming from Bobcat Bobcat launched new loaders that are expected to be available at dealerships in January. The new 500 frame-size skid steer and com- pact track loaders come in seven new medium-size machines: S510, S530, S550, S570 and S590 skid steer loaders; and T550 and T590 compact track loaders. The S510, S550 and T550 feature a radius lift path, made to provide operators the reach and visibility they require for dumping over a wall, backfilling or loading flatbed trucks. The S530, S570, S590 and T590 models feature a vertical path lift, made to provide operators the ability to lift heavier loads higher, making it easier to clear high-sided truck boxes and hoppers, as well as placing pallets loaded with heavy material. The M-Series vertical lift path machines feature an increased lift height over the equivalent K- Series models. Contact Bobcat, 800-743-4340 ( able and soft. The Multi-Band repels unwanted odor with an anti-bacterial treatment and wicks moisture for extra comfort. The Multi-Band can be configured in more than nine ways. It is machine washable and comes in the color navy. Contact Ergodyne, 800- 225-8238 ( Oregon announced expansion of its 40V Max Cordless Tool System with its ST250 String Trimmer/ Edger and HT250 Hedge Trimmer. Both tools use the same battery system as the chain saw, offering the customer the ability to operate all three tools with the same battery. The 9.4-pound ST250 has a dual-line cutting swath, easy flip-down edge guide and variable-speed trigger, which allows the user to determine the cutting speed required. The HT250 features 24-inch laser precision-cut blades for long reach and cleaner, more efficient cutting for healthier plants, the company says. It is built with dual-action blades for reduced vibration, low noise and smooth cutting action. The balanced handle placement is made to provide comfortable opera- tion. It weighs 8.8 pounds. The C750 Rapid Battery Charger charges either Oregon battery pack in 30 minutes. Contact Oregon, 888-313-8665 ( Bobcat announced a plan for Tier 4 solutions that includes a Doosan- built engine added to some of its equipment lineup for 2014. Develop- ment of the new Tier 4-compliant engine was a collaboration among Bobcat, Doosan and some of the world's top engineering consultants and engine design firms — Ricardo, FEV and others. The Doosan-built engine is a non-DPF (diesel particulate filter) engine. Over the next 18 months, Bobcat plans to release more details on the Bobcat Tier 4 machines and their engines, along with features and solutions that will benefit custom- ers. Contact Bobcat, 800-743-4340 ( Nordic Auto Plow LLC announced it is launching low- exertion auto snow plows for cars, ATVs and riding mowers. The patent-pending design for all three versions offers an alternative to snow removal that helps people who cannot physically shovel snow, who have a higher risk of heart attack or who simply want an easier and faster way to clean their driveways. The plow blade is the same for the car, ATV and riding mower versions; attachment mechanisms vary for each. Weighing less than 50 pounds, the plow blade is readily moved into position and at- tached to the vehicle in just minutes. The ATV and riding mower versions also are suitable for year-round use pushing mulch, topsoil, leaves, sand, etc. The Nordic Auto Plow rounded blade is designed to glide over uneven surfaces, such as driveway cracks, minor grade variances, paver bricks and gravel, and the rounded plow blade design does not scrape or dam- age driveway surfaces. Contact Nordic Auto Plow, 888-662-7569 (www. Hypro unveiled its new 3376 Series Cleanload chemical eduction system that allows profes- sionals to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly at ground level, the company says. It features the Cyclo- Rinse system, which provides premium tank cleaning and meltdown of flow- able powders, such as AMS, with an open lid for continuous chemical filling. The 3376 Series Cleanload is available with three different size eductors to match your application needs, each with a right-hand and a left-hand flow configuration. The 8-mm eductor is for high-pressure, low-flow applications when using roller pumps or diaphragm pumps. The 11-mm eductor is de- signed for use with on-board sprayer high-pressure, high-flow applica- tions. The 16-mm eductor works with low-pressure, high-flow applications, such as transfer pump applications. Contact Hypro, 800-424-9776 (www. MustGrow Invest nemati- cide for the U.S. turf and ornamental markets is a new product from MPT Mustard Products and Technologies Inc. MustGrow Invest is a granular product that has been EPA approved as a broad-spec- trum nematicide with pending OMRI Organic Certification (state registration is approved throughout most southern states). MustGrow Invest is formulated using MPT's patented technology, which combines specific extracts from a select variety of mustard seeds and adds them to the de-oiled mustard meal. The formulation results in high levels of allyl isothiocyanate (AITC). MustGrow Invest is stable until ac- tivated with water; at that point the active AITC, a volatile compound, is released. It is the AITC that provides broad-spectrum nematode control, resulting in a rapid turf response and a healthy looking green, the company says. Contact MPT, 306-668-2692 ( Larson Electronics released its 400-watt explosion- proof tank light portable Hazloc. It is designed, the company says, with an innovative quadpod tower configuration fitted with a 400-watt and metal halide lamp for portability and high output in areas designated as hazardous locations. The explosion- proof light towers provide a mobile yet highly stable lighting platform that is ideal for illuminating the interiors of tanks during servicing and cleaning operations as well as large general work areas. The aluminum light tower is adjustable from 4.5 to 9 feet in height to provide precise area lighting coverage, and it can be collapsed. Contact Larson Electronics, 800-369- 6671 ( Jenlis Inc. showcases its Weed Razer Pro, made to offer the user the ability to easily select the best cut width. Cut operations range from a maximum of 62 inches down to 12 inches. The ability to adjust the cut width also helps when cutting weeds under docks, boat lifts and more, the company says, and makes for easier storage and transportation. Industrial strength stainless steel blades provide a very efficient slicing action for both December 2012 GCM 107

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