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DEC 2012

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article index 2012 Managing anthracnose with fungicides, The future for anthracnose management looks brighter with new chemistries and an integrated manage- ment approach, Lane Tredway, Ph.D., and Frank Wong, Ph.D., June, p. 90. Precise PGR applications on greens, To suppress turfgrass yield throughout the season, use growing degree days to schedule Primo Maxx applications, Bill Kreuser and Doug Soldat, Ph.D., August, p. 80. Preventive fairy ring control on putting greens, Several DMI fungicides can be effective for preventive control of fairy ring on creeping bentgrass greens, Gerald L. Miller, Ph.D.; Michael D. Soika; Lane P. Tredway, Ph.D., December, p. 74 Hoiberg; Dave Minner, Ph.D.; Bruce Branham, Ph.D., January, p. 98. Controlling annual bluegrass weevil: Optimal insecticide timing and rates, Many insecticides are effective against annual bluegrass weevils susceptible to pyrethroids, but nearly all insecticides are less effective against pyrethroid-resistant weevils, A.M. Koppenhofer, Ph.D.; Steven R. Alm, Ph.D.; Richard S. Cowles, Ph.D.; Benjamin A. McGraw, Ph.D.; Stanley Swier, Ph.D.; Patricia J. Vittum, Ph.D., March, p. 98. Managing thatch with fungal laccase, In greenhouse studies, nine months of laccase applications significantly reduced thatch in creeping bentgrass maintained at putting green height, Sudeep S. Sidhu, Ph.D.; Qingguo Huang, Ph.D.; Robert N. Carrow, Ph.D.; Paul L. Raymer, Ph.D., December, p. 84 Water Management Frequent venting of bermudagrass greens: Effects on infiltration and water content, Venting may have negative effects when golf greens are soft and thatchy, Charles H. Fontanier, M.S.; Richard H. White, Ph.D.; James C. Thomas, M.S., C.P.Ag., April, p. 111. Physical water conditioners for managing turfgrasses, The physical water-conditioning products tested in these studies did not consistently improve or remediate soil salinity or consistently make a positive impact on turf quality and root-zone salinity, Bernd Leinauer, Ph.D., Ty Barrick, Matteo Serena, Marco Schiavon, Bernd Maier, November, p. 90. GCM 100 GCM December 2012

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