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DEC 2012

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article index 2012 recovery needs on your golf course, Ed Brotak, Ph.D., August, p. 72. Mother Nature, it's not nice to fool superintendents, From the winter that wasn't to the seemingly endless summer, extreme season changes have challenged greenkeepers everywhere, David McPherson, October, p. 44. Game change, GCSAA's field staff representative for the Northeast region follows a trail of destruction in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with stops including golf courses on hard-hit Long Island, N.Y., and coastal Connecticut, Kevin F. Doyle, December, p. 60. The Insider Assistants Ask questions to reduce stress, Brent Racer, February, p. 34. Build your library for success, Spencer Roberts, April, p. 32. The importance of tracking labor, Justin Stephenson, June, p. 32. Volunteering pays, Lee Bailey, August, p. 32. Knowing how to ask, Chase Bonnell, October, p. 32. The age of the unemployed, Daniel Heinze, December, p. 31. Career Expo-sure (GCSAA Chapter Outreach Grant Program), Angela Nitz, January, p. 32. What happens in Vegas shouldn't stay there, Angela Nitz, March, p. 32. Perception management at the heart of PR, Angela Nitz, May, p. 32. Speak up! Angela Nitz, July, p. 32. Applications open for Melrose Academy, Angela Nitz, September, p. 32. Outreach grants assist chapter efforts, Angela Nitz, November, p. 32. Environment The benefits of unintended conse- quences, David Phipps, January, p. 36. Eagle eye, Bunny Smith, February, p. 38. Spotlight turns to golf's water efforts, Mark Johnson, March, p. 36. Reaching the 99 percent, David Phipps, April, p. 36. Home on the (island) range, Bunny Smith, May, p. 36. As the superintendent's world turns, David Phipps, June, p. 36. How Stoneleigh's garden grows, Bunny Smith, July, p. 36. Plan to celebrate longevity, Mark Johnson, August, p. 36. Believing in balance, Bunny Smith, September, p. 36. Policing the geese, October, p. 36. Natively speaking, Bunny Smith, November, p. 36. Creating golf's future, Mark Johnson, December, p. 36. Shop Two simple solutions (repairing plastic fittings/flushing cooling systems), Scott R. Nesbitt, January, p. 34. Down to the wires (spark plugs), Scott R. Nesbitt, February, p. 36. Reviving stale engines, Scott R. Nesbitt, March, p. 34. Torx tips, Scott R. Nesbitt, April, p. 34. Suppress surge and sparks, Scott R. Nesbitt, May, p. 34. Old black gold, Scott R. Nesbitt, June, p. 34. Checking the grooves (V-belts, sheaves, idlers), Scott R. Nesbitt, July, p. 34. Familiarity breeds MVT winner, Scott Hollister, August, p. 34. Oscillating tool tips, Scott R. Nesbitt, September, p. 34. Real carb rebuilds, Scott R. Nesbitt, October, p. 34. Tools for carb rebuilds, Scott R. Nesbitt, November, p. 34. Dry gas power, Scott R. Nesbitt, December, p. 34. Turf Plant health, Teresa Carson, January, p. 38. Everything's coming up Roses, Teresa Carson, February, p. 40. A new Landmark, Teresa Carson, March, p. 38. Golf House is her home (Kimberly Erusha), Teresa Carson, April, p. 38. A royal weed, Teresa Carson, May, p. 38. A cool, dry place, Teresa Carson, June, p. 38. Florida is tough on turf (Kevin Kenworthy, Ph.D.), Teresa Carson, July, p. 38. An old-fashioned Extension agent (Mike Goatley Jr., Ph.D.), Teresa Carson, August, p. 38. Hotter (and worse) than you think, Teresa Carson, September, p. 38. A key to herbicide resistance, Teresa Carson, October, p. 38. Cleaner runoff from fairways, Teresa Carson, November, p. 38. Turf and surf, Teresa Carson, December, p. 38. Research Cultivar and Species Management Reducing annual bluegrass during fairway conversion to Kentucky bluegrass, Tenacity proves effective in reducing populations of annual bluegrass when converting fairways to new varieties of Kentucky bluegrass that tolerate low mowing heights, Andrew Hoiberg; Dave Minner, Ph.D.; Bruce Branham, Ph.D., January, p. 98. Do all grasses divot the same? Noticeable differences exist between bermudagrass and zoysiagrass cultivars, Jon M. Trappe; Aaron J. Patton, Ph.D.; Douglas E. Karcher, Ph.D.; Michael D. Richardson, Ph.D., March, p. 92. Annual bluegrass control in over- seeded bermudagrass fairways, When mitosis-inhibiting herbicides are not effective at controlling annual bluegrass, other options are available, Robert B. Cross; Lambert B. McCarty, Ph.D.; and Alan G. Estes, August, p. 90. Establishing creeping bentgrass in annual bluegrass fairways, Glyphosate and interseeding appears to be an effective approach in boosting creeping bentgrass in annual bluegrass fairways, Sam Bauer, M.S.; Brian P. Horgan, Ph.D.; Eric Watkins, Ph.D.; Aaron Hathaway, M.S.; Ronald Calhoun, Ph.D., and Kevin Frank, Ph.D., September, p. 92. Disease Updates JANUARY • First report of Marasmiellus mesosporus causing Maras- miellus blight on seashore paspalum, G.L. Miller, Ph.D.; D.E. Desjardin, Ph.D.; L.P. Tredway, Ph.D., p. 104. • First report of brown ring patch caused by Waitea circinata var. circinata on Poa annua and Agrostis stolonifera in New Jersey, E.N. Njambere, Ph.D.; B.B. Clarke, Ph.D.; S.A. Bonos, Ph.D.; J.A. Murphy, Ph.D.; R. Buckley; S. Tirpak; N. Zhang, Ph.D., p. 105. • In vitro assessment of Sclero- tinia homoeocarpa resistance to fungicides and plant growth 98 GCM December 2012

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