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DEC 2012

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article index 2012 Man with the plans, Mike Hurdzan, recipient of the 2013 Old Tom Morris Award, served his country, designed a U.S. Open golf course, and, maybe most importantly, proved he could do it all with a heart of gold, Howard Richman, December, p. 44. Pest Control Making the right move, Superinten- dents are embracing IPM as the next logical step to meet new regulations and balance economic and environmental goals, David McPherson, April, p. 44. Philanthropy The spirits of giving, Golf course superintendents and others in the golf course management industry seem to know how to translate their profession into a labor of love, even if it may be in the form of a good deed for those they don't know and never will, Howard Richman, November, p. 44. Plugged In GIS: There's an app for that, take two, William Brown, CGCS, January, p. 42. A trip to the toy store, William Brown, CGCS, February, p. 42. Tricking out the latest toys, William Brown, CGCS, March, p. 40. Technology gives GIS a jump-start, William Brown, CGCS, April, p. 40. Buyer beware, William Brown, CGCS, May, p. 40. Finding the perfect form, William Brown, CGCS, June, p. 40. Video games, anyone? William Brown, CGCS, July, p. 40. Taking the iPad into the real world, William Brown, CGCS, August, p. 40. High-tech shade busting, William Brown, CGCS, September, p. 40. Apple of their eyes? William Brown, CGCS, October, p. 40. Taking the blogging plunge, William Brown, CGCS, November, p. 40. It's showtime in San Diego, William Brown, CGCS, December, p. 40. Roch Report Spray or spread? Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., January, p. 96. Another of golf's hazards? Mis- conceptions, Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., March, p. 90. It's all about the pH, Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., May, p. 94. Waiting for 'normal,' Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., July, p. 80. What to do when the sky is falling, Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., September, p. 82. GIS is like a box of chocolates, Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., November, p. 82. Seed and Sod Those teenage years, TifEagle is coming of age at two Georgia courses that were early adopters, outgrowing some of the unruly behavior of earlier ultradwarf varieties, Sam Williams, February, p. 110. Seed update 2012, Teresa Carson, May, p. 60. Managing bentgrass greens in India, The hot and semi-arid Deccan Plateau isn't an ideal climate for bentgrass, but a superintendent in Hyderabad is making it work, Manmohan Krishan, May, p. 76. The Woods identity, Through the Asian Turfgrass Center, Micah Woods, Ph.D., has put his focus on the growing golf course management industry in Asia, Stacie Zinn Roberts, July, p. 64. They see the light, Researchers are using daily light integral technology to help superintendents pick turfgrass cultivars for problem spots, Mark Leslie, September, p. 62. Pocket change, Managing creeping bentgrass greens surrounded by trees takes a special agronomic plan, Logan Freeman, September, p. 72. Technology They see the light, Researchers are using daily light integral technology to help superintendents pick turfgrass cultivars for problem spots, Mark Leslie, September, p. 62. Tournament Preparation Full circle, From accidental superin- tendent to future association leader, Pat Finlen, CGCS, prepares The Olympic Club for this month's U.S. Open, Scott Hollister, June, p. 44. Crash course, Who will earn the PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, touted by one publication as the toughest course in America? Somebody who can handle vicious winds, swirling sand, and knows a thing or two about paspalum may have an edge, Howard Richman, August, p. 56. Triple threat, Medinah's classic No. 3 course and Curtis Tyrrell, CGCS, MG, take the international stage for this month's Ryder Cup competition, Scott Hollister, September, p. 44. Decisions, decisions, Changes to the GCSAA National Championship and Golf Classic are designed to give compet- itors plenty of options as the event heads to San Diego, Scott Hollister, November, p. 60. Turf Care Applications Long-term diet for turf, Research at Michigan State University provides hard evidence that fertilizing more than the turf can use results in unwanted nitrate leaching, Jeff Nus, Ph.D., May, p. 84. Water Management Water hazard, For Vegas-area superintendents, water — or a lack of it — drives virtually every decision they make in the management of their golf courses, Mark Leslie, January, p. 44. An inventive solution, A British superintendent spins some out-of-the- box thinking into a new bunker drainage product and, ultimately, a new career, Jeremy Parkman, March, p. 82. On holding pond: An under-cover mystery, A South Dakota superinten- dent puts his sleuthing skills to the test when his irrigation pond springs a leak, Greg Brandriet, June, p. 68. Force of nature, A new non-electric pumping system harnesses the earth's pressure to tackle drainage problems on golf courses and in communities, Melissa Morton, June, p. 76. Weather The hurricane threat, Understanding the anatomy and behavior of these devastating storms can help you anticipate potential damage and December 2012 GCM 97

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