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APR 2018

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parts inventory and will be maintained by a TechForce service technician. The Parts 365 program also provides stocking lists, labels, a dry-erase board and suggested layout. When a part is used, the customer will order and pay for a replacement part to restock the cabinet. The TechForce technician will conduct an inventory of the cabinet on each visit to ensure it remains stocked as needed. Visit Jacobsen, Vanguard introduced the first in a complete line of single-cylinder horizontal-shaft commercial gasoline engines from 5 to 13 gross horsepower, featuring all-new carburetion, ignition and combustion systems to promote reliable starting in any environment. The engine is designed to start at temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees. To further improve starting, all surfaces inside the carburetor that contact fuel feature corrosion- and stale fuel-resistant plating. The engines include TransportGuard, Vanguard's single ignition and fuel shutoff designed to prevent oil dilution during transport. The lever now incorporates throttle control, expanding application opportunities and repower capabilities. The engine's dimensions and bolt configuration make it a drop-in solution for equipment powered by other manufacturers' engines. The engine's oil management system allows up to 200 hours between oil changes. Vanguard engineered the engine's main components to lessen the impact of vibration on performance and wear, as well as to enhance operator comfort. The engine's overall decibel levels are reduced, as is perceived harshness of the engine's sound. Visit Vanguard, Links Bridges deck panels resemble real wood and feature a water- shedding trough system that keeps water from penetrating to the substructure. They are made to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic, including tractors and trucks. Slip-resistant design prevents pedestrian accidents and liabilities, and panels are resistant to UV damage. The company says they are easy to install and can even be installed without closing access to the bridge. Visit Links Bridges, Vanguard

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