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APR 2018

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04.18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 79 room pickers because mushrooms are easy to find in the well-trimmed grass. Added value for Copenhagen Golf Club • Multifunctionality is part of the club's identity and its sense of place, making it an important and appreciated part of the animal park. • Multifunctional use has enhanced the role of golf in the local community. • Many people have been exposed to golf for the first time. • Articles in the local newspaper have cre - ated positive publicity for the club. The golf course as an arena for developing cultural values Nes Verk Golfpark (Arendal & Omegn Golf Club), in Vormsund in Nes Community, Norway, is built on land that was used by the Nes Iron Foundry from 1665 to 1959. When the golf course was being planned, preserving the cultural heritage of the area was a priority. In addition to old buildings, industrial prem - ises and machinery, a constructed pond and a romantic park from the 1800s grace the former foundry location. Signposts mark the cultural heritage sites, which are easily accessible to golf - ers and to the public. In collaboration with the local historical society and the Foundry Mu - seum, the golf course has installed culture trails and provided signage. The museum also orga - nizes cultural history tours on the golf course. The golf club has set up riverside fishing and swimming sites, which are well used during the summer. The site is also excellent for ski - ing during the winter, and skiing tracks, jumps and slopes for sledding have been installed in collaboration with local sports clubs and the local authorities. Added value for Nes Verk Golf Park • The golf club is one of the highest ranked in Norway. • The golf club has attracted new members. • Partnerships have been established with groups outside the golf sector. • The image of golf in the local commu - nity has been strengthened. • The marketing value of the club has in - creased from a sponsorship perspective. • The club has used the existing condi - tions in the area (in terms of nature and culture) to increase the aesthetic experi - ence for members and guests. Cultural history tours at Nes Verk (Norway) Golf Park offer an opportunity for the local community and visitors to learn more about the history surrounding the park.

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