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58 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.18 ACCESSORIES ezLocator released its newest feature, the ezLo mobile application. ezLo brings full control of green management to the superin - tendent's smartphone. Hole locations can be moved on the spot. Favorite hole positions can be logged, stored immediately and protected, while sensitive areas can be managed with the drag of a fingertip. Introduced in 2009, ezLo - cator's patented solution merges technology with best management practices for healthy greens, providing golfers with an exceptional experience and agronomists and superinten - dents with a simplified system to manage their greens. ezLocator is a sustainable solution that uses the green's entire putting surface to in - crease and optimize pin locations. It allows golf courses to offer a new course every day for a tournament-caliber experience for members and guests, the company says. Visit ezLocator, . BUNKER MANAGEMENT Bunker Plus showcased its Linebacker bunker liner, with its proprietary formula - tion of natural materials fortified with eco- friendly polymers designed to provide strength and longevity. Easy to install without certi - fied installers, the product eliminates or re- duces contamination by debris, rocks and side slope erosion. The liners are low-maintenance and are designed for a long service life. They maintain lip integrity, are ideal for steep faces, and absorb golf ball impact. Visit Bunker Plus, . The Chief from Standard Golf is a two- in-one rake with a smooth side for rolling the vertical face of the bunker and a sec - ond side with ridges to scrape the bottom of the trap for a consistent lie. The result, Stan - dard Golf says, is a more consistent finish than traditional bunker rakes that leave deep plow marks in the playing surface. It means fewer plugs in the bunker, which equates to quicker play. Visit Standard Golf, . TURF INPUTS Nufarm was granted EPA registration for Traction fungicide. Based on the combination of FRAC 29 and FRAC 3 active ingre - dients, fluazinam and tebu- conazole, Traction fungicide provides disease control and resistance management in cool- and warm-season golf course turf. Traction's dual actives work on contact and systemically within the plant to control 19 turf diseases and algal scum. It has been shown to provide strong performance against anthrac - nose, dollar spot, brown patch and snow mold across field trials in various settings. Traction is offered in a premix formula at a price aligned with that of many tank mixes. It can be ap - plied across all golf course settings, includ- ing fairways, tees and greens. Visit Nufarm, . PBI-Gordon has a new non-phenoxy, "three-way" herbicide. Soon to be branded SwitchBlade, EPA registration for the herbi - cide is pending. SwitchBlade features three ac- tive ingredients: halauxifen-methyl, fluroxypyr and dicamba. Testing suggests that when com - bined, these active ingredients extended post- emergence control of 34 broadleaf weeds, in - cluding clover, dandelion and plantain. The active ingredient halauxifen-methyl is from a new class of systemic auxin herbicides called "arylpicolinates." Rapidly absorbed by leaves and to a lesser extent the roots of sensitive plants, it mimics plant growth hormones and disrupts the weed's growth process. The prod - uct can be applied year-round when weeds are actively growing but will be ideal for spring or fall applications in cooler conditions. Visit PBI- Gordon, . IRRIGATION Toro's Lynx Smart module is designed to save operating costs through precision irriga - tion and provide high-speed diagnostics with a durable and reliable design. Lynx Smart Mod - ule's two-wire control system technology for Infinity and Flex800 sprinkler systems makes it possible to control sprinkler run times down to about one second. It can lead to significant water savings by preventing overwatering. Each component of the module is designed to with - stand tough lightning conditions. It works with the Lynx Smart hub to protect flow-managed irrigation schedules, even in the event of a cen - tral failure. The Lynx Smart module provides comprehensive diagnostic data up to 10 times faster than other two-wire brands, according to Toro. The system can provide diagnostic data for up to 1,000 sprinklers within seconds. The Lynx Smart module can be upgraded remotely with just a click, providing superintendents new features and benefits as they become avail - able. Visit Toro, . Precision USA's hydraulic sprinkler head raiser allows users to raise sprinkler heads without digging. The 6-inch hydraulic raiser is installed between the swing joint and sprin - kler head. Operators can instantly level heads to precise grade by using a standard grease gun that fills the patented self-contained hydraulic reservoir. Visit Precision USA, www.precision . CONNECT. DISCOVER. ELEVATE. San Antonio 2018

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