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56 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.18 Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.'s new Jacobsen TR Series trim mowers' slope ca - pability and maneuverability help navigate tight spaces and challenging terrain, the com - pany says. The series includes the TR320 and TR330, both of which deliver a heightened quality of cut on slopes, hills and undulations while ensuring crew safety and productivity. Engineered to be easy to operate and service, the TR320's vertical lift boasts the industry's narrowest transport width, allowing operators to negotiate any course's tightest topography, the company says. The TR330's AdaptiShift technology allows operators to shift all three cutting reels to either side of the machine, cre - ating up to 18 inches of offset, allowing bun- kers and other hazards to be trimmed with ease while keeping the mower away from obstacles. The TR330 is equipped with an ergonomic seat and a full-color LCD armrest-mounted display screen, which performs intuitive on-board di - agnostics. Visit Textron, The Cushman Hauler 800 and 800X models of utility vehicles from Textron Spe - cialized Vehicles Inc. feature truck-inspired design, spacious dash, customizable bed and affordable accessories. Both models offer a du - rable, sound-dampening, 8.4-cubic-foot cargo bed, which incorporates integrated divider slots to allow for increased organization and custom - izable storage. Newly available options comple- ment an existing range of Hauler accessories, including a floor mount attachment that en - ables users to transport and secure small equip- ment such as a spreader in the passenger area of the vehicle; interior tool hooks to securely carry moisture meters and other valuable tools; and an independent radio clip that is ergonomically designed for easy reach within the vehicle. Hauler 800 and 800X are avail - able with a 48-volt AC electric powertrain or a 13.5-hp Kawasaki gas engine. Visit Textron, . Yamaha Golf-Car Co.'s UMAX golf util- ity vehicles feature a larger and quieter gas en- gine or an AC electric engine, plus smoother suspension, a larger cargo bed, bucket seats and added storage spaces. UMAX has been re-engineered to incorporate features from Ya - maha's Drive2 gas golf car and the Yamaha Vi- king Side-by-Side off-road vehicle. Enhance- ments to the UMAX product line include advanced styling and durability; a 12 percent larger 402-cc gas engine with noise suppression features derived from Yamaha's new Drive2 gas golf car; a new AC electric engine, which reduces battery amp-hour usage and increases torque; a progressive rear coil suspension sys - tem; and YamaTrack GPS. Visit Yamaha, . Club Car launched Tempo Connect, a new golf car with enhanced technology, in - cluding Visage Fleet Management. Tempo Connect's enhanced ride is designed with auto - motive styling and connected technology. The golf car boasts a sleek front cowl, rust-proof alu - minum frame, new alloy wheels and a spacious dashboard. Tempo Connect is the first golf car that includes Visage, an industry-leading con - nectivity platform for golf operators, and Shark Experience, the company says. Visage simpli - fies operations, controls costs and maximizes course efficiencies. Shark Experience, in part - nership with Greg Norman Co. and Verizon, allows Club Car to deliver an in-car course en - tertainment system exclusive to Club Car. Visit Club Car, . Foley United introduced the ACCU-Spin 622 series of reel grinders. This series consists of ACCU-Spin 622 SO (spin only), ACCU- Spin 622 SG (spin/gauge) and ACCU-Spin 622 SGR (spin/gauge/relief ) machines. The ACCU-Spin 622 SO is a "spin-only" machine with the option to add gauging and relief grinding. The new ACCU-Spin 622 series' pat - ented rear roller mounting system locates the reel by the rear roller, minimizing issues that can arise when locating the reel by the front roller. It is standard on all Foley United table - top reel grinders. The live shaft spin hub design produces a sharp edge in short order. Optional add-ons such as the LED gauging system (622 SG) and auto-index relief hub (622 SGR) can be configured at the time of purchase or later. LED gauging gives the operator an easy visual adjustment process, ensuring the removal of taper and a perfect cylindrical grind every time. The patented auto-index relief hub maximizes the performance of the grinder and provides the final step when the user wishes to recon - dition the reel back to full original equipment manufacturer specification. Visit Foley United, . CONNECT. DISCOVER. ELEVATE. San Antonio 2018

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