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16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 03.18 I carved out a little time for reflecting and contemplating about all that went down at GIS 2018 and what I'll remember most about the experience. And to make sure you're getting it in a style to which you've grown accustomed, I present all of that to you in true hot-take, Twitter fash - ion, in 280 characters or less: Going to the dogs. If you attended #GIS18 and didn't see or at least hear about the @Flyawaygeese demos in the Inside the Ropes area, did you sleep through the entire week? Super cool, and honored that @GCM_ Magazine had a role in giving away two dogs to two lucky supers. The Great Debate. One of the newest and most popular (judging by the standing-room- only crowds) sessions at #GIS18 featured a panel of industry heavyweights debating the hottest topics in golf course management. In - formative, enlightening and entertaining. A real home run. High-tech. While spending almost two days straight on the trade show floor visit - ing with #GIS18 exhibitors big and small, it was hard to miss just how technologically ad - vanced our business has become. Real-time data analysis, GPS, online tracking tools, so - cial media plugins — it was all there. I like San Antonio. There. I said it. Sure, the weather could have been better, but I just don't get all the teeth-gnashing and hand- wringing over San Antonio as a GIS host city. Cool new convention center, walkable, tons of nightlife options, economical for both attend - ees and for GCSAA. I'm a fan. Again, you can read all about GIS 2018 in the April issue of GCM. You can also check out all the excellent live reporting that the GCM team produced from San Anto - nio by visiting the magazine's new website, . Find that coverage at . Scott Hollister is GCM 's editor-in-chief. Scott Hollister Twitter: @GCM_Magazine San Antonio ... in 280 characters or less (inside gcm) In an era of hot takes spit out in 280 char- acters on Twitter and dizzying news cycles that can spin 180 degrees in a matter of a few hours, finding the time to process, digest and reflect on significant events in our lives can be a major challenge. We're on to the next big thing before the last big thing has even had a chance to register in our memories. Nowhere is this illustrated better, at least for me, than with regard to the annual Golf Industry Show. Part of that is simply the na - ture of the beast here at GCM: In almost every instance, when our staff returns to work fol - lowing GIS, we find ourselves immediately up against a deadline for the next issue of the magazine. That's the case with the copy of GCM you're holding in your hands now. Upon our return from San Antonio, we had exactly five business days to finish writing, ed - iting and proofing the March issue. All told, we lose a week of work on the magazine to GIS, which compresses a normal one-month timeline into just three weeks. Honestly, that's not meant to come off as a complaint. It's more of a lament about how all of those very necessary duties affect our abil - ity to immediately think back on our time at GIS, analyze all that we saw and did, and then put it into some context — both in print and online — for the readers of this magazine. When it comes to our visit to the Lone Star State for GIS 2018, there was plenty of awe - some stuff to think back on — great meetings with friends from all corners of the industry, some of the most thought-provoking and in - novative educational sessions that I've seen in my two decades in the business, and a 4-acre- plus trade show floor packed with cutting-edge products and services from the brightest minds in the golf course management industry. That's not to say we completely leave GIS in our rearview mirrors the minute we get back to Kansas — we've traditionally wrapped up our week at GIS for you in the April issue of the magazine, which we will do again this year. But after spending nine days in San An - tonio, there are some things so fresh in my mind, so memorable, that I didn't want to let too much time pass before committing them to print. That's why, for this issue of GCM, After spending nine days in San Antonio, there are some things so fresh in my mind, so memorable, that I didn't want to let too much time pass before committing them to print.

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