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JAN 2018

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68 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 01.18 FOR SECRETARY/TREASURER John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS John R. Fulling Jr., CGCS, has served as the golf course superintendent at Kalamazoo (Mich.) Country Club since 1993. Previously, he was the superintendent at Berrien Hills Country Club in Benton Harbor, Mich., and Medinah (Ill.) Country Club. He has a turfgrass management degree from Kishwaukee College in Malta, Ill., and also studied music at Northern Illinois University. A 28-year member of GCSAA, Fulling has served on the national board of directors since 2013. He currently serves as the chairman of the Communications/Outreach and Environmental Awards task groups, and is vice chairman of the Certification Committee and the BMP Grants and Employer task groups. Fulling is a member and past president of the Michigan GCSA and a past president of the Western Michigan GCSA. He is also a former president of the Michigan Turfgrass Foundation, and previously served as a green com - mittee member for the Golf Association of Michigan and a committee member for the Michigan Golf Alliance. Statement It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve the golf course superintendent profession as a GCSAA board member for the past five years. I am proud of all the association has accomplished, not only in my time, but also throughout its rich 91-year history. There is no question that the superintendent is recognized as a key professional in the industry. And I believe the strategic direction of GCSAA is continuing to elevate both the position of superintendent and the superintendent profession each and every year. My goals in serving on this board have not wavered. I believe my job as a board member is to work tirelessly to help fulfill the mission, support our incredible staff, and never forget that we exist for one purpose only — to help improve the professional lives of every GCSAA member. The past year has been a wonderful learning experience. GCSAA board protocol places the most senior non-officer in a position to prepare for the role of secretary/treasurer and, eventually, president of the association by including him or her on the EIFG Board of Trustees and in many of the meetings and events held with our allied partners. As a result, I have met many new leaders in our industry, deepened my relationships with those I've gotten to know over the years, and broadened my understanding of not only GCSAA and the EIFG, but also the entire golf industry and our role as leaders within it. I appreciate the support, trust, guidance and friendship you have given me the past five years, and I humbly ask for your continued support as I run for the secretary/treasurer position in 2018. It is not lost on me that a vote for secretary/treasurer is, in reality, a vote for president of GCSAA. It is also not lost on me that many of GCSAA's current goals have a fulfillment date of 2020, the year I would be president should you choose to place your trust in me. I believe in the golf course superintendent. I believe in servant leadership. I believe that the strategic goals of GCSAA are sound and reachable. I believe that we can achieve extraordinary things together, but only together. As I think about the next four to five years, I cannot help but reflect on the great contributions and achievements of all the giants upon whose shoulders I clearly stand. It is both humbling and inspiring. The gift of wisdom and counsel I have received (and still receive) from every past and present GCSAA board member I have had the pleasure of meeting is a debt too big to ever repay. I can only do as they once did and promise to pay it forward while giving the GCSAA membership the very best of everything I have to offer. This is my promise to you. My sincere thanks go to the board and the membership of the Michigan GCSA, my home chapter, for their friendship, trust and continued support of my GCSAA service. Thanks to the board and membership of the Midwest Association of GCS, my first chapter, for always supporting me through this journey. And, thanks to my old friends, the Northwestern Illinois GCSA, where I am from originally, where I held my first golf course crew job at 16, and where I proudly rejoined after a 28-year absence. CANDIDATES

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