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JAN 2018

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16 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 01.18 The first cattle brand was registered in Texas in 1832. This ancient method of mark - ing livestock dates back to the Egyptians, but was brought to the New World by the Spanish to what is now modern-day Texas. Brands not only played an important role in identifying an animal's owner, but they also said something about the ranch and family they came from. Some brands would become so well known that the simple symbol would be an instant sign of the strength and quality of the product. GCSAA's brand works in a similar way. While our logo is an outward sign of it, our "brand" is so much more. GCSAA's brand is the people and programs that serve our mem - bers, advance the superintendent, and benefit the game of golf. GCSAA's brand is our 99 chapters bringing information and camara - derie close to home. And most importantly, GCSAA's brand is our hardworking members around the world bringing enjoyment to mil - lions of golfers. As we begin 2018, GCSAA's brand is strong. Financially, the association is on solid ground, with revenues steadily increasing over the past five years. With that firm foundation, we can offer member services and initiatives that will move the needle for individuals and the industry. Our "BMP Planning Guide and Tem - plate" is facilitating the development of BMPs on the state level, and we are on track to have all 50 states on board by 2020. Later this year, superintendents will be able to use the tool to access their state BMPs and develop facility BMP manuals. GCSAA's voice on Capitol Hill has never been stronger. National Golf Day celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017, and GCSAA spearheaded a community service project on the lawn of the National Mall. Our Grassroots Ambassador program is building one-on-one relationships with members of Congress. As of press time, 309 GCSAA members have committed to serve as ambassadors. And last month, we announced the formation of our political action committee, GCSAAPAC, which will allow us to more fully integrate the association's lobbying efforts and build con - gressional champions to advance our priority issues agenda. (from the CEO) J. Rhett Evans Twitter: @GCSAACEO Riding the positive momentum of a busy year, the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG) is continuing an upward trajectory. The EIFG is readying for the 2018 Rounds 4 Research auction, set for April 30-May 6, and we hope to top our 2017 totals. R4R raised $200,000 last year, up $56,000 over 2016, with the number of donations up by 26 per - cent and the number of rounds sold increas- ing by 33 percent. The EIFG also recently launched the EXCEL Leadership Program in partnership with Nufarm, which provides unique education and leadership opportuni - ties for assistant superintendents. GCSAA's brand doesn't shine just in high- profile successes, and we are all part of your "brand." Every time a member takes advan - tage of what GCSAA has to offer, they are strengthening your brand. And one of the best ways you can strengthen your brand is to be a part of the Golf Industry Show next month in San Antonio (get a preview of what awaits at GIS on Page 50). Each seminar at - tendee is making the brand stronger by in- creasing his or her knowledge base. Each time you connect with a peer or industry partner, you strengthen the GCSAA network across the country and the globe. Every new innova - tion or product you take back to your course strengthens the value of what it means to have a GCSAA member at your facility. Deep in the heart of Texas, along the his - toric Riverwalk, you will have the chance to connect, discover and elevate your own ca - reer. I hope to see as many of you there as pos- sible, greeting old friends and making new ones, learning the latest tips and techniques, and returning home with a renewed vigor and dedication. Because when you do, you're mak - ing your mark for GCSAA, too. See you in San Antonio. J. Rhett Evans is GCSAA's chief executive officer. Make your mark Every time a member takes advantage of what GCSAA has to offer, they are strengthening your brand.

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