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OCT 2017

Golf Course Management magazine is dedicated to advancing the golf course superintendent profession and helping GCSAA members achieve career success.

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GCSAA BOARD OF DIRECTORS President BILL H. MAYNARD, CGCS Vice President DARREN J. DAVIS, CGCS Secretary/Treasurer RAFAEL BARAJAS, CGCS Immediate Past President PETER J. GRASS, CGCS Directors KEVIN P. BREEN, CGCS JOHN R. FULLING JR., CGCS KEITH A. IHMS, CGCS MARK F. JORDAN, CGCS KEVIN P. SUNDERMAN Chief Executive Officer J. RHETT EVANS Chief Operating Officer J.D. DOCKSTADER GCM STAFF Editor-in-Chief SCOTT HOLLISTER Managing Editor MEGAN HIRT Sr. Science Editor TERESA CARSON Associate Editor HOWARD RICHMAN Sr. Manager, Creative Services ROGER BILLINGS Sr. Manager, Creative Services KELLY NEIS Traffic Coordinator BRETT LEONARD ADVERTISING 800-472-7878 Director, Corporate Sales MATT BROWN Sr. Manager, Business Development JIM CUMMINS Account Development Manager BRETT ILIFF Account Manager KARIN CANDRL Trade Show Manager SHELLY URISH GCM MISSION Golf Course Management magazine is dedicated to advancing the golf course superintendent profession and helping GCSAA members achieve career success. To that end, GCM provides authoritative "how-to," career-oriented, technical and trend information by industry experts, researchers and golf course superintendents. By advancing the profession and members' careers, the magazine contributes to the enhancement, growth and vitality of the game of golf. The articles, discussions, research and other information in this publication are advisory only and are not intended as a substitute for specific manufacturer instructions or training for the processes discussed, or in the use, application, storage and handling of the products mentioned. Use of this information is voluntary and within the control and discretion of the reader. © 2017 by GCSAA Com - munications Inc., all rights reserved. Golf Course Management Magazine Official Publication of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America One week before aerification, apply: Country Club MD 16-0-8 Ammoniacal 1% Fe 1% Mg .5% Mn @ .5# N / M After aerification has been completed and while the holes are still open, apply: ROOTS endoRoots 3-3-4 Granular Mycorrhizal @ 8 lbs / M If cores are being rem oved, apply ROOTS endoRoots AFTER they have been rem oved and drag into open holes. If cores are not being rem oved, apply ROOTS endoRoots BEFORE brea king up the cores, as it can be dragged into the holes at the s am e time as the cores are broken up. Topdress and irrigate as you normally would after aerification. Aerating yields multiple agronomic benefits to all the playable surfaces of the golf course, including improving water infiltration, relieving compaction and increasing oxygen to the root zone. Th e downside of this critical cultural practice is the disruption of play and the n ece ssary time needed to return the golf course surfaces back to optimal playing condition. The best way to encourage rapid tu rf re cove ry is by using Co untry Cl ub MD and ROOTS e n doRo o ts befo re and afte r aerati on. Best of All Wo rld s® 1-800-233-0628

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