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JAN 2017

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NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2017 FROM STANDARD GOLF 866-743-9773 FORCE FLEX HAZARD/ YARDAGE MARKERS New and improved flexible hazard/yardage marker. One piece, no sleeve or cap to replace. Drive over with carts and mowers in any direction and the Force Flex will bounce back up every time. UV-resistant rod will not fade in the sun. Ground anchor sold separately. Priced individually, sold in sets of 12. 19" (48 cm ) long, plus 7" (18 cm) spike White 15600 Yellow 15700 Red 15800 Blue 15900 $8.00 TEE BOX LITTER CADDIE ™ LINER An economical way to add tee box signage and a Litter Caddie ™ Include hole number, par and yardage. White or orange numbers and letters. Fits in any 9-gallon Litter Caddie ™ . Set of three. TEE BOX LITTER CADDIE™ LINER 9-gallon (34 L) White Text 13810 Orange Text 13820 Sold in multiples of three. $79.00 SMART-FIT ™ PRO FERRULE 16 tapered flanges seat the ferrule and flagstick perfectly with the Smart-Fit™ Cup … EVERY TIME. Comes standard on all flagstick orders and works great on all styles of cups. To help prevent chipping cups or dulling the Smart-Fit ™ finish, our new Smart-Fit ™ Pro Ferrules have a polymer base. This base will help increase the life of your cups! Smart-Fit ™ Pro Ferrule 26512 $6.50 HYBRID ST2000 CUP The popular ST2000 Smart-Fit ™ Cup has a third configuration. A "hybrid", with an aluminum base and plastic molded walls, combines the best of our aluminum and plastic ST2000 models. The aluminum base gives maximum strength as the notched ferrule fits perfectly into place, eliminating twisting, sticking, and sinking. Plastic molded cup walls prevent chipping and provide a long-lasting finish. An aluminum bottom allows for the "traditional sound" of a golf ball hitting the bottom of the cup. 6" (15 cm) high 4 ¼" (10.8 cm) diameter Hybrid ST2000 Cup 18444 Not compatible with grooved ferruled flagsticks. $15.00 Hybrid ACE MULTI-PURPOSE CONTAINERS NEW recycled 8-gallon (30 L) Club Washer, Divot Mix or Trash Container. Attractive side panels dress up the range or tee area. UV-resistant material. Divot Mix and Trash Container include liners and lids. Club Washer includes 2 brushes and lid. ACE GREEN LINE CLUB WASHER 16" w x 16"h x 19"d (41 cm x 41 cm x 48 cm) ACE GREEN LINE DIVOT MIX CONTAINER 16" w x 16"h x 19"d (41 cm x 41 cm x 48 cm) ACE GREEN LINE TRASH CONTAINER 16" w x 16"h x 19"d (41 cm x 41 cm x 48 cm) ACE GREEN LINE CONTAINER 16" w x 16"h x 19"d (41 cm x 41 cm x 48 cm) Green 01660 18910 12810 01661 Brown 01670 18920 12820 01671 Black 01680 18980 12830 01681 $385.00 $295.00 $295.00 $205.00

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