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01.17 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 153 course turf, including greens, tees, fairways and roughs, and will be available in early 2017 as a 4.17-pound/gallon flowable formulation of fluazinam packed in 4-by-1-gallon cases. ArmorTech Rotator can be purchased exclusively from United Turf Alliance members and dealer partners. Contact United Turf Alliance, Sarlo Power Mowers has unveiled the Dirt Donkey hydro-powered wheelbarrow , which features a hydro transmission for positive forward and reverse operation with no shifting, and is equipped with simple controls, articulating suspension and large ag- tread drive tires. Powered by a sturdy, 190-cc gas engine, the Dirt Donkey travels over uneven, rough terrain with ease at ground speeds up to 5 mph, the company says, and requires no pushing or balancing of heavy loads. With a stable four-point stance, low center of gravity and large, 10-cubic-foot bed capacity, the Dirt Donkey readily carries loads weighing up to 500 pounds. The low bed height minimizes lifting and makes for easy loading, and the bed is balanced to enable emptying of heavy loads with minimal effort. Contact Sarlo Power Mowers, 800-749-5296 (www. The National Park Service recently installed 11,000 square feet of PremierPRO bermudagrass around the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Developed by Milt Engelke, Ph.D., and Virginia Lehman, Ph.D., the grass is licensed and marketed by Sod Production Services of Charles City, Va. The grass showcased at the World War II Memorial was grown by Bill Warpinski, the co-owner and manager of Central Sod Farms of Maryland, based in Centreville, which is a licensed producer of PremierPRO bermudagrass. The introduction of the grass at the World War II Memorial is part of a turfgrass trial the National Park Service is institut- ing at a number of national parks. Knox Fertilizer is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its polymer-coated fertilizer technology, which can extend the nutrient release of fertilizers for up to a year in some applications. The Surf technology — or "sustained uniform release fertilizer" — is a patented polymer coating that represents the latest era of "smart" fertilizers that help golf course superintendents, lawn care professionals, landscap- ing companies and specialty crop growers reduce their environmental impact as well as improve their bottom line. SurfCote is a controlled-release urea for general turf maintenance. "At a time of increased environmental aware- ness, SurfCote is the right product at the right time for our customers," says Robert Shaw, president of Knox Fertilizer. "With slow-release technology, a consistent nutrient source is always available to the plant for optimum growth but without the time-consuming and costly inconvenience of repeat applications. SurfCote also reduces the opportunity for plant burn and over-application and waste of nutrients." Knox Fertilizer plans to celebrate the anniversary through- out the year with end-user promotions and educational content. Contact Knox Fertilizer, 574-772-6275 (www. Larson Electronics released the 4-foot, two-lamp EPL-EMG-48-2L-LED-113 explosion-proof LED light fixture, which powers on only during power outages and operates for 90 minutes after the main power to the light has been severed. After standard electrical power Fresh PRINT Growth Products has published a new, comprehensive agriculture/horticulture products catalog. This full-color resource provides detailed product descriptions, rate charts for the company's products, a product quick-reference guide that highlights NPK values as well as key micronutri- ents and other special ingredients, and more. The catalog's "Organic Spotlight" section outlines the company's organic product offerings and certifica- tions. Contact Growth Products, 800-648-7626 ( has been restored, the light shuts off and the emergency battery pack recharges. The fixture is ideal for operators seeking top-quality lighting that will reduce operating costs and reduce downtime incurred from frequent servicing in- tervals. It's equipped with the company's specially designed LEDT-series bulbs, which produce 7,000 lumens, resulting in 30 percent more foot candles of illumination at 8 feet as compared with standard T8 lamps. These 28-watt LED lamps produce 125 lumens per watt and offer lower amp draw and greater reliability. Contact Larson Electronics, 800-369-6671 ( Dirt Donkey

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