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NOV 2016

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K File # 824 P R O T A S S I U M P L U S . C O M SOLUTION | NURTURE WITH PROTASSIUM+ TM PROBLEM | TURF BURN STRESS TURFGRASS THE NEED FOR POTASSIUM Healthy and resilient turfgrass thrives on potassium. Without proper potassium applications and replenishment, turfgrass appearance and durability can be greatly compromised. Known as the 4th major nutrient, sulfur serves many essential functions in turf growth, such as chlorophyll formation and enzyme activation 1 . With Protassium+, turfgrass receives 17% of readily available sulfate sulfur, which is often tied‑up in the soil. THE ADDED NUTRIENT With unpredictable weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, durability and strength are necessary. Potassium activates over 80 plant enzymes that support the physiological development and durability of turfgrass 2 . Protassium+ has virtually no chloride and the lowest salt index per unit of K 2 O as compared to any major potassium fertilizer. It is one of the safest K options for turfgrass and can be applied worry‑free all year round. IMPROVED RESILIENCY A SAFER K SOURCE Many golf course superintendents supply their courses with fertilizers that contain high levels of potassium and chloride. While high potassium content is beneficial, high chloride content oen leads to turf burn and increased stress. To avoid the detrimental effects of chloride, golf course superintendents have turned to Protassium+ ™ premium sulfate of potash, a premium K source with more to offer. to Stress stan ding up Why Golf Course Superintendents Are Making the Switch to Protassium+ Contact your local retailer or Compass Minerals at 800.743.7258. Muriate of Potash CHLORIDE Less than 1% 47% SALT INDEX 0.85 per unit of K 2 O * Lowest of all major potassium sources 1.93 per unit of K 2 O SULFATE SULFUR 17% 0% POTASSIUM 50% 60% VERSATILITY Turf Granular Mini Granular Greens Grade Soluble Fines Limited ORGANIC CERTIFICATION OMRI CDFA No BEST VALUE ✓ X *Lower salt index has higher level of safety. ©2016 Compass Minerals. All rights reserved. 1 Stewart, Dr. W.M. (Mike), " Sulfur–The 4th Major Nutrient," IPNI Plant Nutrition TODAY, Spring, 2010, No. 7, 2 "Turf + K." Compass Minerals, Web.

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