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FEB 2016

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out," Shilling says. "You want to create little wells for the seed to grow to protect the crown of the grass from the golf cart tires." In situations where slopes go from gentle to nearly vertical, geogrids can be used as con - struction materials that reinforce slopes with layers of soil and grid alternating like a layer cake to form a more stable structure. It was this kind of technology — combined with sheering pins anchored into the subsurface, reinforced buttresses, and other stabilization techniques — that was enlisted to rebuild the hillside and the 18th green at Trump National. In a 2005 article in GFR magazine, a trade publication for the Industrial Fabrics Associa - tion, Trump was asked about the safety of the reconstruction work on that golf hole. "If I'm ever in California for an earthquake, this is where I want to be standing," he said. Stacie Zinn Roberts is the president of What's Your Avocado?, a writing and marketing frm based in Mount Vernon, Wash., and a frequent GCM contributor. Above: In the past, superintendent Scott Anderson has used natural-fber coconut mats to stabilize the walls of vertical bunkers at Huntingdon Valley Country Club. Left: A mile-and-a-half-long stream bisects Hunting- don Valley CC, making it vulnerable to fooding during heavy rains. Steiner Flex Deck Mower - For a Smooth Cut on Undulating Terrain Move more dirt and snow | Clear leaves and debris quickly Mow and mulch faster | Till gardens effortlessly | Easy to operate Simple service and maintenance | More standard features and comfort DO IT. D O I T . MOW IT BLOW IT TRENCH IT HAUL IT DRILL IT TILL IT DO IT. Visit to find a Steiner dealer near you. Call for a FREE on-site demo. 1-866-469-1242. TURBINE BLOWER SLIP SCOOP ROTARY SWEEPER CORE AERATOR BOLDER. BETTER. STRONGER. 440 4-WHEEL DRIVE TRACTOR STEINER.

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