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Riverside Lunch is a local landmark in Charlottesville, Va., a joint that Peter Mc - Donough affectionately proclaims as "the best hamburger place in town." He is not alone in that sentiment. Since it opened its doors in 1935, Riverside has catered to college students, attorneys and local farmers alike, serving up all-beef burgers fried on a fattop grill, baskets of shoestring French fries and ice-cold sodas served in glass bottles. The service is fast, the company friendly. It is, McDonough will tell you, his kind of place. On a bright-but-brisk day in early December, McDonough is introducing an out-of-town guest to the Riverside and, in the process, illustrating why it really is his kind of place. He nods a quick welcome to the servers as he walks in the door, sharing a laugh with them when they come to the table to take the order or drop off a fresh round of sodas. Before he leaves, he makes his way over to a few regulars he knows, shaking hands, talking about the weather, the University of Virginia basketball team, and the news of the day. It's pretty clear that it isn't just the food that brings Mc - Donough, the superintendent at the nearby Keswick Hall and Golf Club, to the Riverside. It's the people and the relationships that come along with that food that have brought him back since his frst visit in 1991. "The people around here are just special," the 25-year member of GCSAA says in a reference to not only Riverside, but also the community he calls home. "I think my wife, Debra, and I both realized that when we frst came to Charlottesville 24 years ago. It was the kind of place where we just knew that this is where we wanted to be." In the shadow of Monticello, 2016 President's Award for Environmental Stewardship winner Peter McDonough has made some history of his own, proving how much can be accomplished simply by showing up. Scott Hollister

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