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FEB 2016

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T H E P O W E R T O M A K E T H I N G S G R O W Application fl exibility enables you to precisely manage nutritional requirements throughout your course; micro, mini and regular SGN options are available, as well as formulations that can be spread or sprayed Consistent, reliable delivery maximizes nutrient uptake; reduces fl ush growth and minimizes the feast/famine cycle that can cause stress, so turfgrass is more tolerant to weeds and diseases (POLYON ® , DURATION ® CR and XCU ® fertilizers) Less time fertilizing frees up your crews to complete other tasks Reduced nitrogen use up to 40% compared to conventional fertilizers like unamended urea or ammonium sulfate Extended longevities from 8 to 26 weeks reduce fertilizer applications, saving you time and money You cut back. Make do. Utilize your crews the best you can. It's not easy working to improve your course in the face of rising costs, tighter budgets, increasing labor and environmental concerns. There is a solution — enhanced effi ciency fertilizers from Koch Turf & Ornamental. Extended longevities, optimum turfgrass uptake and fewer applications are key in helping you to overcome these challenges. There is a better way to fertilize and now is the time to put a nutritional program in place that works to your advantage. IT'S TIME. Consider a better way to fertilize. Visit Then consult with your distributor about these enhanced effi ciency fertilizers. POLYON ® , the POLYON logo, DURATION ® CR, the DURATION CR logo, XCU ® , the XCU logo, UMAXX ® , the UMAXX logo are trademarks of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. Koch and the Koch logo are trademarks of Koch Industries, Inc. ©2016 Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. T&O-15-12049 POLYON ® controlled-release fertilizer DURATION ® CR controlled-release fertilizer UMAXX ® stabilized nitrogen fertilizer XCU ® slow-release fertilizer

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