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MAR 2015

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62 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 03.15 Keeping ice nice The rink is a lot of work to maintain. We typically have two staff members scrape the ice in the morning and apply a layer of water with an attachment on the end of a hose. We call it a "Zamboni" but it is actually sold by Nicerink as an ice resurfacer. On days where temperatures remain below freezing we will use the "Zamboni" up to three times per day — a Crew members groom the ice with a special scraper that attaches to a hose to apply a layer of water. practice that also requires two staff members and about 30 minutes each time. When it snows, rink maintenance is a much larger task. Once we fnish all of the snow re - moval around the club and the platform tennis courts, we still need to tackle the rink. A snow blower is used to remove the bulk of the snow. A team of three or four people will then scrape the ice with shovels to get it as clean as possible. Finally, a heavy layer of water is needed to melt any remaining snow on the surface. After a snow event, it takes a day or two to produce smooth ice again. Two years ago we ran a water line down to the tennis courts and installed a frost-free spigot. This is important if you do not have a water source close by. The only water in the area was from the irrigation system, which gets blown out each fall. We ended up connecting to the potable water line that feeds the tennis building and bringing a line down close to the courts. We are able to reach the entire ice area of both rinks with a 100-foot ¾-inch hose. Measuring success There are several ways to build an ice rink; these are just the methods we used. I know other superintendents who have had success constructing the boards and brackets all out of

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