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OCT 2014

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10.14 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 83 Leo Feser award CANDIDATE This article is eligible for the 2015 Leo Feser Award, presented annually since 1977 to the author of the best superintendent-written article published in GCM during the previous year. Superintendents receive a $300 stipend for articles. Feser Award winners receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the Golf Industry Show, where they are recognized. They also have their names engraved on a plaque permanently displayed at GCSAA headquarters. is "ethical" does the right thing or makes the right decisions. Professional ethics is some - thing more; it is being all that you can be for your employer, your business, community and mankind. Many aspects of professional ethics are written into the policies of formal organizations but there are many unwritten rules or protocol that will impact your career. Always take the high road, treat others well, be loyal and trustworthy and never let a bad situation lead you to bad behavior. It is like the University of Georgia's legendary turfgrass breeder Wayne Hanna, Ph.D., says: "W you do something is just as important as w t you do." Keep growing, personally and profession - ally. Be committed to lifelong learning; it is the cornerstone of success. Pursue things you are passionate about, such as certifcations, in - dustry accolades, environmental stewardship, advocacy, formal or informal education, new job skills and hobbies (live beyond your job). And remember to support worthy causes and people along the way. When was the last time that you accomplished a signifcant milestone? Now is the time for action; do something to raise your value, your self-worth. The fact is there are no absolutes in this area, but there is an undeniable synergy in active participation in life and career. It is like I always say, "If you were on trial for being the best of the best (su - perintendent, father, fsherman, etc.), would there be enough evidence to convict you?" Tomorrow morning we will all look in the mirror. We will face our future in the golf in - dustry with a variety of tools and aspirations. We are not alone. We are part of a unique or - ganization that for years has faced the joys and trials of our chosen profession with character and class. I hope this article will be as helpful to others as it has been for me as we answer the question, what future do you see when you look into golf 's magic mirror? Anthony L. Williams, CGCS, is the superintendent at Stone Mountain Golf Course near Atlanta. An 18-year member of GCSAA, he is the recipient of numerous golf course indus - try awards, including GCSAA's President's Award for Envi- ronmental Stewardship (2010) and Excellence in Govern- ment Relations Award (2014). He is the author of several feature articles for GCM. " OUR CUSHMAN HAULERS WORK EVERY DAY AND THEY NEVER LET US DOWN." JOHN KATTERHEINRICH Superintendent, The Bear's Club The Bear's Club was designed by Jack Nicklaus to offer the finest possible golf experience. To maintain such a lofty standard, they use a fleet of Cushman Haulers. Available with 13.5-hp gas, 48V DC or 72V AC electric powertrains, the Hauler delivers proven reliability and up to 1,200 pounds of load capacity. So as you're chasing perfection, your vehicles will be working as hard as you do. See the Bear's Club's story at ©2014 Textron Inc. All rights reserved.

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