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OCT 2014

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Visit, or call 901.853.2898 to find the Floratine distributor in your region. FLORATINE FOLIARS ™ DO NOT CONTAIN: Non-benefcial, agricultural or utility-grade nutrients (Chlorides, Hydroxides, Acetates) or synthetic chelates (EDTA, HEDTA, etc). If a nutrition product contains any of the ingredients above, foliar uptake may be signifcantly inhibited and may cause stress to your turf and less than desirable results. 4 OCTOBER Patented Biostimulant Rapid Green Liquid Sunshine TM Power N-P-K FOLIAR Power 23-0-0 + Mo PowerPlay ® Organic Acid Technology N NITROGEN 7 P PHOSPHORUS 15 K POTASSIUM 19 See how Floratine topped each of these trials by visiting Research trials conducted by Virginia Tech and Purdue University prove that greens treated with Floratine products recovered faster and more effectively from stress associated with core aerification.

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