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OCT 2014

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SILVER PARTNERS SILVER PARTNER SILVER PARTNERS SILVER PARTNER Partner Recognition Program The CIVITAS team at Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc., Suncor Energy business believes in transforming plant protection for more resourceful growth. Their commitment to the future of America's golf course industry is realized through years of research, educational programs and the development of products that deliver on the promise of superior turf performance. Since CIVITAS was launched into the market fve years ago, it has been well known for its effcacy in controlling disease and suppressing insects while cultivating noticeably healthier turf that enhances visual aesthetic and playability. Healthier turf is stronger turf By focusing frst and foremost on the health of the plant, superintendents can help to create a stronger foundation for their turf management program each season. CIVITAS products provide protection against disease, insects and the elements that can threaten the health of turf. A key beneft of CIVITAS is its ability to enhance plant effciencies, which can lead to a reduction in inputs such as other pesticides. Studies have shown that CIVITAS products can help extend disease control of tank mix partners. With no known pathogen or insect resistance issues, CIVITAS products can be used consistently throughout the growing season without worrying about maximum yearly application restrictions. To learn more about how CIVITAS products can help, visit FMC Professional Solutions , a business unit within FMC Agricultural Solutions, serves the golf, lawn care, greenhouse/ nursery, and pest control markets in North America. FMC entered the turf and ornamental industry back in 1987 with the launch of Talstar® brand insecticide. Over the past decade, the company has broadened its turf portfolio signifcantly, adding seven herbicides and fve insecticide products, in addition to formulations specifcally tailored for industry segments such as golf and tree care. FMC offers a full range of granular and liquid insecticides, including its Talstar line of insecticides and new Triple Crown®. Herbicides available through FMC include Dismiss®, QuickSilver®, Blindside®, Echelon®, Solitare® and SquareOne®. Recently, FMC Professional Solutions and Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC announced the signing of an exclu - sive licensing agreement in which FMC will develop and market two key turf and ornamental product groups, Disarm® fungicides (fuoxastrobin) and Xonerate® herbicide (amicarbazone), in the U.S. This agreement united two complementary product lines and opened exciting new development opportunities for FMC in both the short- and long-term. By working closely with golf course superintendents like you, FMC Professional Solutions is able to offer products and ser - vices tailored to your particular needs that help you successfully protect the health and beauty of your turf. Always read and follow the label. FMC, Talstar, Triple Crown, Dismiss, Blindside, QuickSilver, Echelon, Solitare and SquareOne are registered trademarks of FMC Corporation. © 2014 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Disarm and Xonerate are registered trademarks of Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. Copyright © 2014 Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. All rights reserved.

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