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SEP 2014

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TOW MORE With a 1,262-pound towing capacity, * you can hook up a greensmower, a buffalo blower, or any of your heaviest equipment for a full day's work. CLIMB HIGHER The Hauler PRO's 72-volt AC electric drivetrain gives you plenty of hill- climbing power. So go ahead and test it on your steepest slopes. This electric vehicle won't slow down. INSTANT POWER With more horsepower than gas competitors, the Hauler PRO delivers strong, load-moving power the moment you hit the pedal. Because you shouldn't have to fl oor it to get the big jobs done. SPEED (MPH) CUSHMAN HAULER PRO TORO WORKMAN JOHN DEERE TX CLUB CAR CARRYALL CONCERNED ABOUT WEAK PERFORMANCE? FORGET IT. the f vehicl exclus for sk You think an all-electric ve Schedule a demo and try to fi nd TAKE THE WWW.HAULERPRODEMO.COM

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