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AUG 2014

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72 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 08.14 Save the sand An enhanced drainage method eases the pain of bunker maintenance. Intriguing, beguiling, engaging or menacing, bunkers have two things in common: They are essential ingredients in golf course design and are a literal pain to maintain. Add rainfall and double that pain; add steep slopes and triple it. "For every quarter-inch of rain we needed 100-plus man-hours to throw sand back up the bunkers" at Cowboys Golf Club in Dallas, says Ed Easley, director of agronomy and construc - tion for Eagle Golf. At Princess Anne Country Club in Virginia Beach, Va., where Matt Boyce is the GCSAA Class A superintendent, "The club has a bunch of bunkers with fash faces. On the coast we get the 'frog stranglers' that come through and they'd wash out all the time." "Our bunker faces are very severe and there is a lot of greens-surface drainage into them, so it's a nightmare," says Steve Rabideau, CGCS, superintendent at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. What to do? For a growing number of superintendents across the country, the solution is Better Billy Bunkers, a system that has replaced fabric liners with a layer of gravel that is glued together by a specialized polymer created by Dow Chemical Co. just for this purpose. Easley, Boyce and Rabideau are among a growing number who report extraordinary results with this method. "We've gone from 100 man-hours to nothing after rainstorms," says Easley, a GCSAA Class A superintendent and a 22-year member of the association. "It's the Cadillac of bunkers and Mark Leslie AT THE TURN (maintenance) The severe bunker faces at Winged Foot GC in Mamaroneck, N.Y., called for special treatment during renovation. Photo courtesy of Steve Rabideau, CGCS "We've gone from 100 man-hours to nothing after rainstorms." — Ed Easley

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