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AUG 2014

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18 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 08.14 The old saying about not knowing what you don't know is defnitely applicable to the career paths that each of us choose in life. Most golf course superintendents were at - tracted to a job on the golf course by a love of the game of golf, the opportunity to work outside or maybe even by the simple joys of mowing greens while the sun rises over the horizon. I'm sure duties like budgeting or personnel management or attending greens committee meetings never factored into the decision-making process, yet those things be - come vital parts of the job the further along the career path a superintendent travels. It's just a fact of life. I've experienced similar things in my ca - reer. What frst attracted me to a career in publishing wasn't the opportunity to dive into annual operations budgets or attend a bunch of meetings or give a lot of presentations, things that take up considerable amounts of my time now as editor-in-chief of this maga - zine. No, what got me interested in this busi- ness was writing, which aside from this col- umn, is something I do less and less of as my career progresses. Still, branching out the way I have during my career has had its perks, a sentiment I'm sure more than a few superintendents would share with me. It's allowed me to try things I never thought I'd try and master skills that certainly were never covered by my instructors in journalism school. In my case, that's meant learning more than I'd ever thought I'd know about outftting a team of folks in golf apparel (pro tip: a men's large and a women's large are vastly different things). It's meant mastering the art of the trade show booth and helping to create the GCM ex - hibit that you see each year at the Golf Indus- try Show (another pro tip: the fewer oversized plants in your booth, the better). And it's also meant becoming fuent in the language of contests and awards programs. When you see notices in the pages of this magazine about efforts such as the Most Valu - able Technician Award or GCSAA's Environ- mental Leaders in Golf Awards, for example, you can rest assured that the role played by the magazine staff in all of those programs was far more extensive than any of us ever bar- gained for. I bring this up because we're getting very close to announcing a winner in the 2014 ver - sion of the MVT Award. This is the ffth year that GCM has partnered with Foley United to recognize golf course equipment technicians and shine a little more light on the impor - tant role they play in the golf course manage- ment industry. Later this month, we'll un- veil this year's winner and pay a visit to his course to make an offcial presentation of the award. Then, you can read about the winner and all three fnalists in next month's issue of the magazine. Because of all we've learned about things such as contests, we've come to know a little bit about what works and what tends to fall short when putting these things together. That's why in addition to learning about the winners of some of GCSAA's and GCM's 2014 awards in the coming weeks and months, you'll also be hearing about some tweaks to these popu - lar programs, tweaks that will manifest them- selves in the way we cover these awards in the pages of GCM. Trust me, these changes aren't being made to make things easier on a few magazine edi - tors charged with managing these contests (al- though that would certainly be a pleasant by- product). Instead, we're freshening things up in an effort to make these programs more rele - vant, more representative of the industry we're honoring and more rewarding for those who take the time to participate in them, whether those are the folks doing the entering or the folks being entered. Stay tuned. I think you're going to like the changes you hear about in the weeks and months ahead. Scott Hollister is GCM 's editor-in-chief and the director of publications for GCSAA. Scott Hollister twitter: @GCM_Magazine Picking up a few new tricks Later this month, we'll unveil this year's winner and pay a visit to his course to make an offcial presentation of the award. (inside gcm)

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