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104 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 08.14 Elevance Renewable Sci- ences Inc. launched Elevance Clean 1200 , a degreasing and VOC-exempt solvent that targets heavy manufacturing, transportation mainte- nance and repair operations and industrial food processing. Elevance Clean 1200 is produced from natural oils and made to tackle soils such as industrial-grade complex greases, paraffn waxes, automotive lubricants, metalworking fuids and corrosion-preventive oils. It also is made to handle tough-to-clean soils that affect food processing operations such as hardened and fuid animal plant lipids and cooking greases and oils. Contact Elevance Renewable Sciences Inc., 866- 625-7103 ( Volatex from Floratine is a urease inhibitor and a dry, soluble additive for enhancing any urea or UAN fertilizer solution to prevent nitrogen loss and extend fertilizer availability for turf uptake. Turfgrass managers can use Volatex to deliver rapid green-up as a standard urea or UAN and prevent loss while managing applications using reduced rates to save time and expense. Volatex inhibits the urease enzyme, slowing the conversion of urea to ammonium, providing protection against nitrogen loss through volatilization. It also keeps the nitrogen in ammonium form longer so the nutrient remains in a positive form and bonds to the negatively charged soil particles. The risk of leaching is reduced because now the nitrogen is kept in the turf's root zone and is available for uptake. Contact Floratine, 901-853- 2898 ( Spring Valley, a Jackson, Wis.-based fertilizer blender, has a new all-purpose gar- den blend that features cutting-edge fertil- izer technologies and replaces conventional water-soluble phosphorus with Crystal Green , a high effciency, low-eco impact fertilizer. Spring Valley's new product offer- ing coincides with the offcial opening of Wisconsin's frst nutrient recovery facility by Crystal Green maker, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies, in partnership with the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. The facility will help protect the area network of freshwater lakes and rivers by recovering phosphorus from wastewater streams at the plant and transforming it into an environmentally responsible fertilizer to be used in Spring Valley's new blend. Con- tact Spring Valley, 800-635-2123 (www. GOLD PARTNERS PLATINUM PARTNERS SILVER PARTNERS

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