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JUL 2014

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ous season, the course had seen better days, but there was enough Poa seed down in the soil of this 100-year-old course to carry us through that short period. As many can attest, no project goes entirely according to plan. Seed - ing took longer than anticipated and during this three-week period we had plenty of irrigation heads that became stuck. Weather wasn't always our friend; a freak rainstorm washed out seed on a couple of the fair - ways. The work was slow, dusty and somewhat stressful, so it was con- venient to have reliable crew members like Guy Doolen on the seeder and my assistant superintendent, Brett Oxley, keeping things together. A pretty good estimate for zoysia germination is about 17 days. That's a long time in superintendent time. Growing in zoysia also takes a lot of irrigation cycles to keep the soil and seed moist at all times; it seemed like every time one cycle stopped, another one would begin. Of course, I thought my course would defy science and germinate faster than ever and my impatience allowed doubt to creep in for no good reason. Finally, after all the planning, sweating and waiting, the seed popped up — a little over here and a little more over there at frst, but in just a few days things were taking shape. By the end of August, the fairways were loaded with zoysia that was producing even more zoysia. That's one of the great benefts of this plant; it gives you the coverage and sustain - able density for a great fairway. While the course was shut down for the conversion of the tees and fairways, we also renovated the putting surfaces of the old push-up greens — primarly Poa with a little bit of everything mixed in — with Penn A-4 bentgrass, which has a deeper root structure and is not as thirsty as our 50-year-old "mutts." This also gave us the opportunity to modify the profles of some of the older greens that had settled and were holding water in certain areas and to make some of the greens more With the new Zenith zoysiagrass fairways and Penn A-4 bentgrass greens, CC of Decatur looks to reduce water use and cost savings in the future. ® LIQUID FIRE ™ THIS PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT BROUGHT TO YOU BY RENOVATE YOUR OVERSEED PREPARATION PROCESS Scythe ® and the Scythe logo are registered trademarks of Gowan Company LLC. EPA Reg No10163-325. Always read and follow label directions. 062-071_July14_DecaturCC.indd 68 6/17/14 2:31 PM

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