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JUL 2014

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Q – What has been your most challenging fairway disease or pest to treat? Dollar spot is a nagging issue – it can be controlled, but it is expensive. We've found that it's better to be on a strong preventive program, rather than try to stretch applications and risk a hard-to-control outbreak. So we apply every other week, or at least every third week. Q – What are some solutions that have helped you achieve healthy turf at your course, and what results have you experienced? Signature StressGard™ is part of our greens program – we use it every other week through summer on our putting greens, and we apply Tartan ® every other month on our putting greens. We've used Bayer StressGard products for at least eleven years now because they consistently work for us. You can see when your turf is under stress, and we notice a visible improvement in turf health within a couple days of using Signature. Q – Why do you feel it so important to maintain beautiful fairways, and how do you feel your fairway maintenance helps contribute to a strong business and happy golfers at your course? When managing greens and fairways, you have to have balance. You can't have one without the other. At any good club golfers expect great greens, tees and fairways. The greens require the most work to achieve the level of perfection golfers expect. But we do whatever it takes to make the fairways look great because they're a big part of the picture. They're definitely all important parts of the golf experience. Q – What has been your biggest challenge while managing Montour Heights' grounds? How do you overcome this challenge? People – We are lucky to have great people at Montour Heights, but managing a crew, members – and keeping everyone happy – that takes practice. You feel kind of like the middleman. Members – I email our members whenever there's something important to share. We try to keep people informed without over-communicating things like routine maintenance, so members know we value their time. We keep things short, direct and to the point. Crew – My crew has been with me for a long time, so fortunately training is no longer an issue. It has taken a long time to get to that point, though. When I first started at Montour Heights, the crew didn't know me, and I didn't know them. It was very challenging to build that trust and understanding of expectations. "We've used Bayer StressGard™ products for at least eleven years now because they consistently work for us." Untitled-1.indd 3 6/18/14 8:35 AM

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