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JUN 2014

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92 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 06.14 (Product news) Turf Advisor by FMC provides instant mobile access to a wealth of weed and herbicide information. The mobile optimized tool allows turf professionals to search its herbicide database, connect with regional FMC market specialists and distributors and properly identify weeds, all from a smartphone. Contact FMC, 800-321-1362 ( To get Turf Advisor, bookmark and navigate through the tabs. Mobile ACCESS Bob-Cat introduced the 12-bushel Boss-Vac Pro collection systems. It is made to ft both the Bob-Cat ProCat and Predator-Pro mowers. They provide improved performance, durability and ease of use, the company says. A new front counterweight system uses easy-to-handle suitcase weights. The design puts the weight where it is most effective without blocking the operator's sight line to the front of the deck. Operators can add and remove the weights easily without tools. The quick-disconnect bumper mount lets operators attach or disconnect the collection system from the bumper hitch quickly and easily. The hitch is mounted using existing holes in the mower's bumper. The Dump From Seat system features a patent-pending double-hinge lift pivot- dump system that lets the operator get within inches of an obstacle and still be able to empty the hopper. It has a 15.31-inch-diameter blower fan and 6-inch-wide blades to move debris quickly. Contact Bob-Cat, 866-469-1242 ( OxCart Utility Cart is now available for hauling heavy loads with a riding mower. OxCart's innovative features include run-fat tractor-grade turf tires to move heavy loads rut-free across turf, lawns and gardens; an offset dump pivot that eliminates harsh and abrupt dump release caused by heavy loads shifting; a full mandrel bend steel axle support to provide high clearance; and the strength to hold and move heavy loads. The side dump rotates 110 degrees from either direction, making it safe to place heavy loads exactly where they were meant to go. Contact OxCart, 316-977-9600 ( 092-095_June14_ProductNews.indd 92 5/16/14 3:27 PM

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