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56 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 05.14 Each year GCM publishes a list of new named turfgrass varieties scheduled for release by turfgrass seed companies in the United States. The varieties in the 2014 seed update have either been released since the publication of last yearÕs seed update or they will be released later this year. GCM makes every effort to avoid publishing descriptions of varieties that have been published in previous years. Turfgrass species are presented in alphabetical order, and varieties are arranged alphabetically within a species. An experimental name or num- ber in parentheses may follow the varietal name. These experimental des- ignations may be used to identify the varieties in research reports such as those published by the National Turfgrass Evalution Program (NTEP). The companies that market the varieties provide the information and photo- graphs published in the update. Additional information is available from the companies and the research organizations listed on Page 60. KENTUCKY BLUEGRASS Blue Coat (AKB 2282), Columbia Seeds • seed available • excellent density • great wear tolerance • high resistance to summer patch • type yet to be determined • 2011 NTEP Dauntless (A05-315), Columbia Seeds • seed available • great density • good turf uniformity • excellent rust resistance • type yet to be determined • 2011 NTEP Keeneland (A04-342), DLF-International Seeds • limited seed available fall 2014 • America-type cultivar • superior turf quality • dark green color into the winter • early spring green-up and growth • excellent wear tolerance and recovery • superior drought and stress tolerance • fne leaf texture and superior density • 2011 NTEP • Rutgers Turfgrass Proceedings Rubix (4S2W), Columbia Seeds • seed available • great summer density • excellent rust resistance • type yet to be determined • 2011 NTEP ANNUAL RYEGRASS Quickston, DLF-International Seeds • seed available fall 2014 • dark green color, comparable to many perennial ryegrasses • improved tiller density for high turf quality • fne leaf texture • improved mowing quality • superior transition in southern overseeding • excellent nurse grass in northern locations with permanent turf • University of Arizona COLONIAL BENTGRASS Greentime, DLF-International Seeds • seed available fall 2014 • excellent fairway turf quality • high resistance to dollar spot, take-all, red thread, snow mold, brown patch • dark green color and fne leaf texture • excellent cold tolerance • high wear tolerance • superior heat stress tolerance • 2003 & 2008 Bentgrass NTEP Fairway Trial • Rutgers Turfgrass Proceedings CREEPING BENTGRASS V8, Jacklin Seed by Simplot • limited seed available, expected to be sold out by summer's end • virtually immune to dollar spot • bred for high performance at 0.10-inch mowing height • leafy, basal growth habit • fne blades, high density, medium green color • NTEP 054-061_May14_SeedUpdate2.indd 56 4/16/14 2:47 PM

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