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MAY 2014

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Part # CV075H High-Flow ¾" Valve - Brass Part # A-BV77FM High-Flow ¾" Valve - Composite/Steel Part # A-BA107FM 1'' FHT x ¾'' MHT Brass Hose Adapter Part # A-BA107MF 1'' MHT x ¾'' FHT Brass Hose Adapter Part # A-BQ7M ¾" Quick-Connect, male end Part # A-BQ7F ¾" Quick-Connect, female end Part # HN075W replacement washer, ¾" hose Rainbow ™ TASKS: Greens, tees, seed beds, transplants, delicate landscaping (15 GPM) Rainmaker ™ TASKS: Syringe and spot watering turf and hardy landscaping (23 GPM) Cloudburst ™ TASKS: Dry spots, drenching, and wetting agent application (35+ GPM) Cyclone ™ Pre-game skins watering, heavy watering of large areas, ideal for hydroseeding (50+ GPM) Precision ™ SOLID METAL, SPECIFIC TASK HOSE NOZZLES Underhill ® Precision ™ nozzles deliver millions of soft, uniform droplets to provide rapid yet surprisingly gentle water application over a huge range of fow rates. From soft watering to powerful drenching, patented Precision nozzles are designed with ideal fow rates and droplet sizes to fully irrigate without disturbing turf, dirt, seeds, etc., providing a precise solution for every hand watering application. ordering Part # HN1500CV Precision ™ Rainbow ™ Nozzle Kit Part # HN2300CV Precision ™ Rainmaker ™ Nozzle Kit Part # HN4800CV Precision ™ Cloudburst ™ Nozzle Kit Part # HN5000CV Precision ™ Cyclone ™ Nozzle Kit high-fow valves SOLID BRASS: ¾" hose thread inlet/outlet, up to 50 GPM COMPOSITE / STAINLESS STEEL: ¾" hose thread inlet/outlet, oversized handle, up to 55 GPM hose adapters / quick-connectors Nozzle Kits include brass High Flow Control Valve and ¾"MHT x 1"FHT Adapter. To order nozzle only: remove "CV" from part number. precision watering for specifc tasks Note: GPM will vary with pressure at nozzle. Solid CONE Pattern Solid CONE Pattern Solid CONE Pattern Flat FAN Pattern 6 Products that ™ + +

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