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MAY 2014

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Pentair introduced the Hypro Universal Flange Clamp , designed to deliver superior sealing capa- bility with decreased assembly time and increased safety. The fange clamp has a unique clamshell design and integrated bolt and nut, which eliminates banding and provides consistent, even clamping pressure. Hypro Universal Flange Clamps are compatible with Hypro Universal Flange gaskets and Banjo gaskets and are available in 1 inch and 1.5 inches. Contact Pentair, 763-545-1730 (www. Simplot partnered with Plant Impact to launch TransFuse , a product that incorporates Plant Impact's PiNT technology. TransFuse is specifcally designed to support the needs of profes- sional sports turf and delivers an enduring growth response over 10 weeks following application while requiring less total nitrogen than conventional slow-release products, the company says. Contact Plant Impact ( Maderas Golf Club in the San Diego area and the University of Michigan committed to work with e-par USA to improve their overall en- vironmental management through the use of the e-par Environmental Management System (EMS) for Golf. "E-par has provided us with a user-friendly platform to assess and address many of the regulatory issues that we are facing in the golf industry, especially in California," says Pat Reilly, director of agronomy for Maderas GC. EMS for Golf is an easy-to-use online platform that is compliant with the environmental management standard, ISO 14001:2004. It allows golf owners and operators to develop a comprehensive environmental management plan for the golf course, clubhouse and pro shop operations. Contact e-par USA, 855-372-7872 (www. Profle solid metal sprinkler nozzles from Underhill Interna- tional are designed to improve irrigation distribution uniformity (DU) rates on tees and greens while saving water. Consistent DU rates (85 or better) can translate to healthier, greener turf and eliminate dry patches and donuts. The nozzles feature solid brass construction with stainless steel outlets and can be retroftted to plas- tic OEM nozzles with 1¼- and 1½-inch inlets. The replacement sets include full- circle, mid-range and close-in coverage. Profle nozzles have undergone extensive testing by the Center for Irrigation Technol- ogy, California State University-Fresno. Contact Underhill International, 866-863- 3744 ( Mauget received expanded label ap- proval for Abacide 2 Insecticide . The injectable insecticide formulation contains 2 percent abamectin, an effective insecticide commonly used to control boring and phloem-feeding insects. It is formulated for use with ornamental, residential forest, nursery, orchard and Christmas trees. The expanded label for Abacide 2 features a higher dose rate and a new group of insect species that can be controlled, including Ips engraver beetles, coniferous bark beetles, western, mountain and southern pine beetles and other boring and phloem-feeding insects that commonly target ornamental and for- est trees. Contact Mauget, 800-873-3779 ( SGM Industries launched the TB 220 Grooming Brush , a redesigned version of the TB 200. Regular use of the brush gently removes the grain from putting greens and the brush is invaluable during topdressing and aerifca- tion procedures, the company says. The brush is also used on tee and fairway turf, as well as on artifcial surfaces. Contact SGM Industries, 630-688-5192 (www. Jenlis Inc. launched the Swift- erSifter and WeedRazer Express . The SwifterSifter is designed to maintain ponds by removing foating de- bris, such as algae, leaves, cut weeds and litter or take the foats off and skim the bottom to remove sludge, muck, leaves, twigs and more. SwifterSifter will clear a lake or pond of unsightly organic material in minutes, the company says. It weighs slightly more than 8 pounds. WeedRazer, which weighs slightly more than 6 pounds, can cut through tough pond and lake vegetation such as cattails by slicing — rather than dragging — through weeds. Contact Jenlis Inc., 877-356-6455 (www. L-com Inc. added HyperLink 2.4/4.9-5.8 GHz HGV Series Omni Directional Antennas to its product line. They are compact, lightweight and ideally suited for IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n and 802.11 ac wireless LANs, homeland security and public safety bands and other multipoint applications where wide cover- 090-093_May14_ProductNews.indd 92 4/16/14 2:54 PM

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