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APR 2014

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84 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.14 84 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.14 says are 100 percent active and include 10 percent seaweed extract, which the company says elicits the turf 's own production of cytokinins, auxins and other plant hormones that relieve stress and improve plant vigor. One feature is a very stable formulation that won't melt in the heat. TURF SEED Tee-2-Green launched PureFormance Fairway Blend Creeping Bentgrass, a premium blend of Penneagle II, PennLinks II and Crystal BlueLinks. It pro - vides resistance to brown patch and dollar spot and has excellent heat and cold tolerance. ACCESSORIES Nature Calls offers premier portable toilet units that are designed to blend in with the outdoor surroundings. The interior is 6 feet, 10 inches tall, fully en - closed, lockable, with a polyurethane shell to keep weather, animals, sound and scent out. It features foor-to-ceiling seamless encapsulated insulation. The e-Par Environmental Management System for Golf is the only on - line program, the company says, that helps golf course superintendents man- age regulatory compliance, reduce environmental risk and liability, encourage the adoption of best management practices and drive environmental excellence. The system provides users environmental improvement plans based on an Initial Environment Review, registry of federal and state environmental regulations, written environmental policy statement, environmental risk assessment and risk profle for all areas of operation, comprehensive environmental action plans, written SOPs for environmental management practices, training, communica - tions and incident registries, environmental performance checklists for ongoing review and continuous improvement and a clearinghouse of state best manage - ment practices for golf courses. Links Bridges launched the Hybrid Series of bridges. They span 30 feet to 150 feet, and are crafted with composite technology, allowing them to offer un - limited shapes for design elegance and a wide variety of fnishes that capture the tones and textures of materials commonly used in bridge construction. Maredo MFrame fts tractors and contains a mechanical drive system with fexible points that connect to different MT heads. The three fully foating heads follow the ground contours perfectly, the company says, and feature quick, cen - tral and simple depth adjustment. AgSource Harris Laboratories has a new Plant Summary Report that moni - tors nutrient uptake throughout the season. Colorful line graphs chart nutrient levels for spring or fall and offer side-by-side comparisons for better performance. TruEdge from Precise Path eliminates the "creep" of greens and tees that occurs over time due to mowing errors. The TruEdge System allows the user to maintain the exact shape of the greens and tees and avoids the reshaping that leaves unsightly scalping in its wake. Precision USA launched the Golf Cup Saver, made to save time and money on labor. It is designed to protect the cup from paint, spray and topdressing dam - age and is made in the U.S. from recycled plastic. Nature Sheds come in standard shed size or can be supersized. They feature a domed roof, locking doors, UV-stabilized hard surface, integrated drainage, are waterproof/weatherproof, meet standard unit specifcations and have a polyure - thane-coated sprayfoam shell. The Fairway Golf Buddy is designed to clean fairway irons, woods and hy - brids in the fairway. It uses no fuids, cleans the club face and grooves, stays with golfers during play and is made to speed up play. 08-262 APR14 Mixing grass seed with Milorganite makes it easier to accurately spread the seed, especially those expensive small seeded species like bentgrass and bermudagrass. The standard Milorganite to grass seed mixing ratio is 4:1 by weight. 1-800-287-9645 076-085_GIS_NEW@show_14.indd 84 3/18/14 2:52 PM

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