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82 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.14 GIS highlights 82 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.14 Xylem Inc. unveiled Oasis EX, which it says is the next generation of simple yet high-per - forming pump controllers from Flowtronex, a Xylem brand. It includes modern features such as remote monitoring, Web-enabled controls and advanced water monitoring. The control - ler will make any pump station work more effciently and can be used to retroft exist- ing stations. TURF INPUTS Dakota Peat and Equipment launched REV, a liquid organic formulation that is a naturally occurring, organic formulation. It is designed to dramatically improve plant and soil health because it has a high carbon con - tent with active microbes for improved nutri- ent uptake. University in-feld studies show that REV increases root mass, increases the longevity of fertilizer and chemical applica - tions and suppresses disease. It also dramati- cally improves seed germination and contains the highest active bacteria count of any liquid biological formulation, Dakota Peat says. MSM 25 OD from Quali-Pro is an oil- dispersion formulation of metsulfuron methyl that is specifcally targeted to broadleaf and grassy weed control on sod farms and ornamen - tal turf, such as golf courses (fairways, aprons, tees and roughs), lawns, parks and cemeteries. Ocean Organics launched Stress Rx, de - signed to signifcantly increase the turf 's toler- ance to heat, UV, drought and salt; improve its survival potential; and promote recovery. Stress Rx contains Ocean Organics' proprie - tary seaweed extract along with the most com- plete combination of biorational compounds available in a single foliar-applied product, the company says, including unique osmoprotec - tants such as exclusive botanical extract-de- rived glycinebetaines and powerful pigments such as xanthophyll that stabilize photosyn - thetic membranes and act as effective antioxi- dants to scavenge plant-damaging free radicals. Floratine introduced multiple new items to its lineup. 50 Cal targets calcium defciencies. Blackout provides defensive microbial technol - ogy, which can be applied to existing and prob- lematic algae areas. Calflush is a liquid soil cat- alyst that makes nutrients soluble and reduces excess sodium, chlorides and bicarbonates. De - fense Cuzn is a defensive nutrition supplement with photosynthetic activity, cell integrity and antioxidant activity, and it addresses soil def - ciencies. Pas-Port is a concentrated liquid nu- trient designed specifcally for all paspalum grasses. It contains key amounts of calcium and magnesium for color and strength along with sodium and chloride for improved photo - synthesis and transpiration. FMC Corp. launched Triple Crown Golf Insecticide featuring a multi-action formula - tion for fast-acting, long-lasting, broad-spec- trum control of above- and below-ground pests. Three active ingredients (FMC bifenthrin, FMC zeta-cypermethrin and imidacloprid) control pests, including ants, fre ants, masked chafer grubs, chinch bugs, ticks and mites. Magnation Water Utilization is designed to improve water quality and reduce irrigation. Benefts include reduction of irrigation by 10 to 30 percent; reduction in fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides; improved soil infl - tration and moisture retention; reduced scale buildup; and reduction in energy use. Duration CR from Agrium Advanced Technologies is a controlled-release fertilizer that makes it easier to grow healthy plants and turf while reducing maintenance costs. Nitro - gen is released gradually throughout the plant's growth cycle, resulting in precise feeding that lasts for weeks, months or a whole season with just one application. Fortress introduces BioDirt, which is de - signed for turf defense. Its proprietary blend pro- vides an easy once-a-month application; biode- gradable polymers for steady release; enzymes to help break down the nutrients and reduce plant stress; and improved water quality by limiting the loss of nitrogen through leaching. Brookside Agra's H2OExcel is an all-nat - ural, biodegradable solution functioning as a water conservation agent in plants. It is a pro - prietary formula using extracts from desert plants, which have the natural ability to ab - sorb water faster than other plant life, the com- pany says. Precision Laboratories introduced Border T&O, Alypso and Vivax. Border T&O is a spray performance adjuvant designed to im - prove spray droplet adhesion and coverage on leaf surfaces and reduce off-target movement of spray mixes. Turf managers can maximize the effcacy and ROI of their plant protection and foliar nutrition products. Alypso, an infl - tration surfactant, speeds up the infltration of irrigation through thatch and into hard-to-wet soils. It is designed to help turfgrass managers produce superior playing surfaces by improv - ing the uniformity of water in the root zone and the uptake of soluble plant nutrients. Vivax is a combination of new surfactant technologies designed to manage water across a wide range of conditions. Infltration surfactants in Vivax move water through thatch and into tight soils. Harsco showcased CrossOver, a silicon- rich product designed to add stress resistance to turfgrass. Following application, CrossOver establishes a reservoir of water-soluble calcium, magnesium and silicon in the soil that provides unique benefts to turfgrass as well as improves the soil physical characteristics. Civitas introduced its own version of a well- known concept by "turning the turf disease management triangle (environment/pathogen/ plant) on its head." The maker of synthetic iso - paraffn-based fungicide and insecticide prod- ucts will be educating customers about how to approach agronomic practices that impact the third side of the triangle — the plant — be - yond the usual sodding, seeding or sprigging to renovate to better turf types. Civitas says its unique Induced Systemic Resistance mode of action both treats and prevents diseases in the plant by preventing them from taking hold in the frst place, reducing the time and effort previously required to physically change the plant itself. Engage Agro USA presents Integrate P Soil Surfactant Pellets, which the company 076-085_GIS_NEW@show_14.indd 82 3/18/14 2:52 PM

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