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APR 2014

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cam locks onto the handle, making for easy storage. Eight-inch wheels with adjustable bearings and a comfortable upturned handle with OPC provide safety. Smithco's Super Star bunker rake fea - tures a Kubota 3-cylinder diesel engine. The compact design offers maneuverability. It also comes with optional 2- and 3-wheel hydrostatic or 48-v electric drive systems. A step-through body design is made for safe entry or exit to the operator's platform. Smithco says the ground clearance is the highest in the industry and re - duces turf wear on bunker entry or exit. It also accepts a wide range of grooming, maintenance and construction implements and attachments from any manufacturer. PlanetAir Turf Products offers a fex - ible roller, deep verticutter and soil aerator all rolled into one. The verticutter features 2 mil - lion deep surgical cuts per hour and the same number of subsurface explosions per hour. The fex roller fnishes the treated surface for dry, fast, frm and smooth greens. JRM Inc. showcased its Reel Sharp Lap - ping Compound, Vulcan Bedknife Grinding Wheels and Duranium-801 Greensmower Bedknives. The lapping compound is made with virgin silicon carbide grit and pharma - ceutical-grade water-soluble polymer. The grinding wheels now come in six types (four paralleled, two tapered). Duranium-801bed - knives come in lengths of 18 and 22 inches to ft most OEM models. SISIS, a division of British company How - ardson Ltd., brought two new machines to the GIS — the Rotorake 600HD heavy-duty pe - destrian dethatcher/linear aerator and the Ro- torake TM1000 tractor-mounted dethatcher, which now features fve quick-release inter - GIS highlights 80 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.14 changeable reels to aid the removal and con- trol of thatch and help reduce standing surface water by improving water infltration. Sister company Dennis returned to the GIS to fea - ture the Dennis FT510, which comes in three widths and offers a choice of up to 11 different cassettes, including dethatchers, verticutters, brushes, spikers and slitters in addition to a fve- or nine-bladed cutting cylinder unit. Sunbelt Rentals caters to the unique needs of the turf, golf course maintenance and golf course construction industries by providing the products needed to get projects completed. Product offerings include equipment for irriga - tion, drainage, tee and bunker rebuilds, land- scaping, tree work and sod replacement. In ad- dition, the company offers a complete line of facility maintenance equipment. To meet spe - cifc industry needs, Sunbelt Rentals has made a signifcant investment in a feet of larger turf tire landscape tractors from Kubota and Prono - vost hydraulic dump trailers. IRRIGATION Lake & Wetland Management's Shoresox is a bio-engineered, environmentally friendly, erosion control system for shoreline and hill - side stabilization. The system features a plant- through mesh and fabric layer, which is flled with local organics, to flter and buffer runoff without heavy machinery. The product is se - cured by a patented Subsurface Anchoring System. The modular system can be custom - ized to ft along uneven shorelines and natural obstacles without disturbing the existing natu - ral environment. DryJect Pro-L is a proprietary injection sys - tem that gives DryJect and Maximus Service Centers the ability to apply liquid additives with precision and with thorough distribution in the root zone. Pro-L Infuse is an optional additive, proprietary soil gel made from a blend of potassium polyacrylate, cross-linked and food-grade emulsifers, stabilizer, preservatives and growth stimulators. Aquashadow's Black Pond Colorant tints water a pleasing, natural dark color in lakes, ponds, decorative water features, fsh hatcher - ies and other impounded bodies of water with limited outfow. A mirror-like appearance may provide cover for fsh from predatory birds and reduce visibility of submerged pond equipment while beautifying murky, off-color water. Quantum BioTek's Omni Enviro HDMR increases plant vigor and yield by 10 to 30 per - cent while saving up to 30 percent in water usage and water delivery costs, the company says. According to Quantum BioTek, the tech - nology improves water's bioavailability, im- proving germination rates and producing more robust and more vigorous turf with greater re - sistance to disease, insects and drought. The Omni system also softens water by breaking down minerals so fnely that they remain in suspension, resulting in reduced salinity and scale in the irrigation system and in the soil. The company says other benefts are reduc - ing or eliminating the need for wetting agents and increasing turf vigor and growth because the product allows plants to ingest minerals as nutritionals. 076-085_GIS_NEW@show_14.indd 80 3/18/14 2:52 PM

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