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APR 2014

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04.14 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 77 GIS highlights John Deere Golf launched more than a dozen new or updated products. Eight new mowers have been added to the lineup. The A Model Fairway Mow - ers (7500A, 7700A, 8700A Precision Cut and 7500A E-Cut Hybrid) offer an improved operator station and tire geometry engineered for enhanced after-cut appearance. The 8000A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mower fea - tures the 18-inch QA5 (Quick Ad- just cutting unit). The 7400A Ter- rain Cut and 7200A Precision Cut mowers are A Model Trim and Sur - rounds Mowers. Both are equipped with a new, larger eHydro and wheel motors with increased displacement for im - proved performance in traction and hill climbing. In rough mowers, the 8800A Terrain Cut is equipped with a new 55-hp, four-cylinder engine, increasing power more than 27 percent. The com - pany also launched updated A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators, which fea - ture an optional verticutter attachment. A redesigned operator station was made for easier control and reduced levels of handlebar vibration. New Precision Tines for the aerators are compatible with use on greens, tees, roughs and fairways. Updates were made for the 2653B Pre - cisionCut Trim and Surrounds Mower (Tier 4-compliant diesel engine, lowered seating position and increased legroom, and a double-acting steering cylinder for straighter lines with less operator input). The 2500B PrecisionCut and 2500E E-Cut Riding Greens Mower both are Tier 4-compliant. Gas engines on both models feature a new, larger storage area located behind the operator for easy ac - cess from either side of the machine. 076-085_GIS_NEW@show_14.indd 77 3/18/14 2:52 PM

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