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22 GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT 04.14 Meteorologist Gary Lezak (left) shows Gary Sailer, CGCS, how the Weather2020 app works. Photo by Roger Billings for in-app features from the Apple App Store and www. ) is designed to put superintendents, and others who depend on accurate forecasts, at ease. "We aren't going to be 100 percent accurate — per - haps 60 or 70 percent — but this is the only method known in the feld of meteorology today for specifc long- range weather forecasts," Lezak says. The formula for Lezak's forecast began in the mid- to late-1980s when he was working in Oklahoma. "I've always been interested in the upper-level fow of the atmosphere," he says. "In 1987 I noticed a storm system that happened in December looked like one that happened again in February. That's when I came across the idea that the pattern may be cycling above us." Fast-forward to 2005. Lezak developed what he calls the LRC. It stands for Lezak's Recurring Cycle. Lezak be - lieves that weather patterns in the main westerlies cycle and have a regular period each year. "The pattern is about a 57-day cycle this year. The pattern today will be returning in about 57 days," he says. "The weather pattern sets up every fall, sometime in late summer through mid-November. The pattern we're in now (Lezak spoke with GCM in late February), to make a fore - cast for the Masters, set up in the fall. It exists now and will continue to cycle regularly through the spring, summer and a brand new pattern will set up next fall." That's the tricky time in all of this, Lezak says. "If there's any gray area with the LRC, it's September and October. That period is the least reliable because a new pattern sets up," he says. "As soon as you get into December and Jan. 1, we can make forecasts for all the way into September and get them right." If superintendents need any insight on Lezak and Weather2020, one of their own could provide some intel - ligence. Gary Sailer, CGCS, is in charge at Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate in Overland Park, Kan., a suburb of Kan - sas City. Lezak resides at LionsGate; his home is just be- yond the No. 2 tee box. During his nightly telecasts, Lezak often pans across a nearby pond on the course, images that come from a camera he has situated at his house. "We have a event here the middle of July. You have vendors coming in weeks in advance setting up things. It is important to know what you might expect, so in that respect, something like this is huge," says Sailer, who on occasion picks Lezak's brain if he sees him out walking his dogs Stormy and Breezy. "Obviously you can't change what may happen, but you can be prepared." Lezak wished NFL Commissioner Roger Good - ell had paid attention to his long-range forecast for the Super Bowl. "If he would have used our information, he wouldn't have had as much anxiety," Lezak says. "Our Super Bowl forecast was no fuke. We forecasted warming into the 50s leading into the Super Bowl with no chance of snow. We even said there might be snow a day or two after (it did) and a few days before. We literally were that precise in that forecast. Was it luck or skill? It was skill." No wonder Lezak says others, such as superinten - dents, can beneft from this. "One thing we can do is bring peace of mind to super - intendents, people who may be going on vacation, even maybe a bride and groom — and the bride's mother," Lezak says. — Howard Richman, GCM associate editor Two-for-one at Plant Health Academy Sometimes, bigger does mean better. When the second edition of Bayer Environmental Sci - ence's Plant Health Academy convened in early March in Kansas City, it featured not only the members of the pro - gram's frst class, which had previously attended events in Raleigh, N.C., last September, but also the members of the 2014 class of GCSAA members who were getting their frst taste of this unique education opportunity focused on issues of plant health. And for David Wells, Bayer's golf market manager, that double-dipping was just fne. SIX * † Golf Course Management Magazine • February 2014 Offcial Publication of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America 2013 ELGA honorees set the bar for the golf course management industry PAGE 68 Industry icons recognized 44 The Bethpage Green Project 100 Tech trends for superintendents 40 INSIDE: The benefts of controlled burns PAGE 84 formula 2,165/60 international views of GCM's digital archives/number of different countries since Sept. 1, 2013 golf clubs in Spain* 7 5 GCSAA members fnal construction schedule for the Juizhaigou golf course in Chengdu, China, which was impacted by the 2008 earth - quake in Sichuan † Year construction is set to begin for Dye London course, which will feature a Pete Dye sig - nature island green † 340 economic impact of Spanish golf tourism* years 2015 020-029_April_Front9.indd 22 3/18/14 3:54 PM

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