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APR 2014

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Part # AF1Q ANTI-FOAM (1 Qt/946 ml Bottle) ordering § Anti-Foam is a fast, effective defoamer for use in suppressing foam, controlling foam reduces filling time and lessens overflow waste § Anti-Foam improves spray performance § Silicone and surfactant blend work in tandem to quickly dissipate troublesome foam that forms during agitation Anti-Foam ™ ANTIFOAMING AND DEFOAMING AGENT IF …you want to prevent foam in mix tanks USE …Anti-Foam at 1 to 2 oz (30 to 60 ml) per 100 gallons (378.5 liters) of spray mixture TO …suppress foam formation during mixing, flling and recirculation 1 Qt / 946 ml bottle 12 per case § K-Klean is an effective cleaner for metal, fiberglass and plastic spray systems § K-Klean aids in the removal of dirt, grime, grease, chemical and fertilizer residues from tanks and equipment § K-Klean helps eliminate rust and scale and keeps costly equipment in ready-to-use condition K-Klean ™ LIQUID TANK CLEANER IF need quick effective cleaning of spray tanks using a liquid use tank cleaner USE ...K-Klean at 1-4 quarts (1 to 4 liters) per 100 gallons (378.5 liters) TO ...wash out all types of spray tank reservoirs, lines and equipment to effciently remove residue materials from equipment 1 Gal / 3.79 L jug 4 per case § Tank Cleaner is designed for cleaning tanks, lines and nozzles to remove pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer residues § Tank Cleaner also removes light rust and dissolves deposit buildups while leaving a protective film that helps prevent corrosion § Color dye in Tank Cleaner indicates ingredients are still active in solution Tank Cleaner ™ DRY TANK & EQUIPMENT CLEANER IF …you need a fast acting, dry tank and equipment cleaner USE …Tank Cleaner at 1-lb (456 gm) per 100 gallons (378.5 liters) TO …remove spray ingredient deposits from tanks, hoses, booms, flters and nozzles 1 lb / 456 gm jar 12 per case § This foam concentrate is specially formulated to deliver long lasting foam in a range of weather and field conditions § This highly concentrated formula, when used as directed will produce thick, white, highly visible foam. Benchmark can be used with any compressed air foam marking equipment to provide long lasting foam deposits on turf or soil areas to avoid over-sprays or skips § Benchmark is formulated with conditioners for hard water situations and can be used with foam colorants Benchmark ™ ALL SEASON FOAM MARKER IF …you want to generate highly visible durable foam as a feld marker USE …Benchmark at 2 oz (60ml) for every 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water in equipment reservoir TO …produce high expansion, stable foam in a range of foam generating equipment 1 Gal / 3.79 L jug 4 per case Part # KKLEAN01 K-KLEAN (1 Gal/3.79 Liters Jug) Liquid Tank Cleaner ordering Part # BMK01 BENCHMARK Foam Marking Agent (1 Gal/3.79 Liters Jug) ordering Part # TC01 TANK CLEANER (1 lb/456 gm Jar) Dry Tank & Equipment Cleaner ordering 26 Products that ™

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