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APR 2014

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§ Use Bio-90 when accompanying pesticide label instructions recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant tank mix adjuvant § Bio-90 optimizes the performance of turf fungicides, insecticides and herbicides § Use Bio-90 when uniform spray coverage and penetration into the targeted plant surface is preferred § Bio-90 contains rainfast ingredient to minimize wash-off § Bio-90 contains an antifoam ingredient to suppress troublesome foam during agitation Bio-90 ™ NONIONIC SURFACTANT / TANK MIX ADJUVANT IF need a tank mix adjuvant to enhance effectiveness of pesticide spray applications USE ...Bio-90 at 32 oz (946 ml) per 100 gallons (378.5 L) of spray water TO ...ensure spreading and penetration of active ingredient for enhanced uptake 1 Qt / 946ml jug 12 per case § Cadence is a low use rate, spreader-activator tank mix adjuvant that significantly improves the performance of pesticide and fertilizer spray applications § Use Cadence when the accompanying pesticide label instructions recommend the use of a nonionic surfactant § Cadence's super spreading action is the result of reducing surface tension dramatically lower than traditional nonionic surfactant adjuvants § Unlike conventional surfactants, Cadence rapidly covers and penetrates waxy plant surfaces to allow larger amounts of active ingredient to enter the plant § Cadence works as a dew control agent for turf and as a mulch, peat or potting soil surfactant Cadence ™ NONIONIC ORGANOSILOXANE / SPREADER / PENETRANT BLEND IF …you want a high performing nonionic surfactant for use as an adjuvant or soil wetter USE …Cadence at 6 f oz (180ml) per 100 gallons (378.5 L) TO …rapidly deliver the most active ingredient or water to targeted surface 1 Qt / 946ml jug 6 per case § Water FX effectively sequesters hard water minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron that can interfere with many pesticide active ingredients § Water FX lowers spray water pH to ensure full effectiveness of many insecticides, fungicides and herbicide sprays that perform better in moderately acidic water § Certain pesticide active ingredients will be more effective and are more readily available to the plant with the use of Water FX Water FX ™ DRY WATER CONDITIONER / ACIDIFYING AGENT ADJUVANT IF …you want to lower spray water pH and sequester hard water minerals in tank mix sprays USE …½ lb (227 gm) per 100 gal (378.5 L) TO …adjust to desired pH and optimize performance of tank mix active ingredients 4 lb / 1.8kg jar 6 per case Part # BI901Qt Bio-90 (1 Qt/946ml Jug) 90% Spreader-Activator/Nonionic Surfactant Part # CADEN1Q Cadence (1 Qt/946ml Jug) Organosiloxane/Spreader/Penetrant Blend Part # WFX04 WATER FX (4 lb/1.8 kg Jar) Dry Water Conditioner/Acidifying Agent ordering 25 866-863-3744 •

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