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APR 2014

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Tournament-Ready ® Pellets PROVEN TOURNAMENT-READY FORMULA IN SOLID PELLET FORM ordering Part # UHTRPEL TOURNAMENT-READY PELLETS (6 oz/170 gm Pellet) CONCENTRATED HYDRO-WET IN SOLID PELLET FORM PROBLEM SOLVED WITH HYDRO-WET PREMIUM PELLETS GOOD 6 oz /170 gm pellet 24 pellets per case § Same University tested formula in solid pellet for supplemental treatments § Treat small turf areas while hand watering using Underhill PelletPro applicator § Inert binder is carrier for Tournament-Ready Soil Surfactant for metered hand watering application § Tournament-Ready Pellets help cool canopy temperatures of turfgrass during high heat, stress conditions § Pellet jar can be inserted in pellet applicator reservoir to modulate soil surfactant output PROBLEM SOLVED WITH TOURNAMENT-READY PELLETS IF …you're looking for the proven Tournament-Ready Soil Surfactant formula in a solid pellet form USE …Tournament-Ready Pellets at 2-4 minutes per 1,000 sq ft (93 sq M) TO …apply a curative treatment for localized dry spot while supplementing liquid Tournament-Ready applications BETTER 6 oz / 170 gm pellets 24 pellets per case Hydro-Wet ® Premium Pellets § Same University-tested Hydro-Wet formula in solid pellet form for supplemental treatments while hand watering turf areas § Hydro-Wet Premium Pellets help to cool the canopy temperatures of turfgrass during high heat, stress conditions § Apply with PelletPro Applicator IF …you're looking for a competitively priced turf wetting agent for use with hand watering USE …add Hydro-Wet Premium Pellets at 2 to 4 minutes per 1000 sq ft (100 sq M) TO …supplement irrigation applications of Hydro-Wet Injectable for improved water infltration and control of localized dry spot in turf ordering Part # UHHYPEL-6 HYDRO-WET PREMIUM PELLETS (6 oz/170 gm pellet) PELLETS PELLETS 23 866-863-3744 •

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