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APR 2014

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§ Medalist, when used in a scheduled, water management program, will eliminate turf localized dry spot and enhance turf quality while reducing watering frequency § Medalist's lower active formula incorporates the same university tested ingredients found in Tournament-Ready Soil Surfactant to deliver comparable performance to leading competitive products at a reduced price § Get the most out of rain and irrigation § Saves money on water and energy costs Medalist ® Spray + Injectable ECONOMICAL NONIONIC SOIL SURFACTANT BLEND FOR SEASON-LONG APPLICATIONS PROBLEM SOLVED WITH MEDALIST IF …you want a proven, lower cost soil surfactant for your water management program USE …Medalist at 16 to 24 oz (480 to 720 ml) per acre (0.4 hectare) monthly TO …enhance water infltration, reduce dew formation and improve turf quality while using less water 2.5 Gal / 9.48 L / 2 per case 30 Gal /113 L drum ordering Part # UHMED02 MEDALIST (2.5 Gal/9.48 Liters Jug) Soil Surfactant Part # UHMED03 MEDALIST (30 Gal/114 Liters Drum) Soil Surfactant BETTER § Unique soil surfactant and polymer resin blend that can be tank mixed for spray application or injected directly into irrigation flow § Surfactant ingredients provide initial soil wetting action while polymer resin adsorbs to soil particles for enhanced water retention § Reduced watering requirements are achieved through surfactant's reduction of surface tension combined with polymer resin's attachment to soil particles for greater water holding capacity to guard against plant stress § Polymer resin boosts water retention in soil to deliver enhanced residual activity H2O Maximizer ™ NONIONIC SOIL SURFACTANT, POLYMER RESIN BLEND PROBLEM SOLVED WITH H20 MAXIMIZER ™ 2.5 Gal / 9.48 L / 2 per case 30 Gal /113 L drum GOOD ordering Part # UHHMAX02 H2O MAXIMIZER (2.5 Gal/9.48 Liters Jug) Surfactant/Polymer Resin Blend Part # UHHMAX30 H2O MAXIMIZER (30 Gal/114 Liters Drum) Surfactant/Polymer Resin Blend IF want to maximize plant available water for turf and other plants by 25% or more USE ...H20 Maximizer at 16 to 24 oz (480 to 720 ml) per acre (0.50 hectare) monthly TO ...enhance water's infltration into repellant soils while boosting soil water holding capacity for extended residual activity LIQUID LIQUID 21 866-863-3744 •

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