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APR 2014

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Wetting agents keep your water wetter! WETTING AGENTS & SPECIALTY PRODUCTS You've known KALO since 1932 as a pioneer in the development of innovative products for agriculture, and today, leading turf products like Tournament-Ready® and Hydro-Wet®, as well as a range of specialty products. Now backed by the strength of Underhill distribution and product development, this new partnership provides golf superintendents and turf professionals with water management products that provide solutions to problems that turf managers face with maintaining turf quality. § University tests confirm Tournament-Ready's comparable performance in side-by-side testing against leading competitive brands* § Tournament-Ready uses a blend of three surfactant ingredients to provide flexibility in use as a preventative and curative treatment § Tournament-Ready delivers rapid wetting of repellent soils, drives down surface moisture to avoid spongy turf and delivers moderate residual for rewetting up to 14 weeks from initial application § Tournament-Ready will eliminate localized dry spot, provide more uniform wetting action, and enhance water's infiltration and drainage Tournament-Ready ® PREMIUM PERFORMANCE NONIONIC SOIL SURFACTANT PROBLEM SOLVED WITH TOURNAMENT-READY IF …you're looking for a premium performing soil surfactant that is proven to compete with the best USE …Tournament-Ready at 8 oz (240 ml) first month, 4 oz (120 ml) every month thereafter per per 1000 sq ft (100 sq M) TO …provide a comprehensive water management program for turf 2.5 Gal / 9.48 L / 2 per case 30 Gal /113 L drum BEST ordering Part # UHTUR02 TOURNAMENT-READY (2.5 Gal/9.48 Liters Jug) Soil Surfactant Part # UHTUR30 TOURNAMENT-READY (30 Gal/114 Liters Drum) Soil Surfactant LIQUID When a product does its job day in and day out - it works. When it saves you time, money, or water - it's smart. When it does both - it's from Underhill. Products that ™ 20

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